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– Location: 21 W 52nd St.

The 21 Club opened in 1930 as a speakeasy during Prohibition. Located at the corner of Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall, the restaurant has long been a symbol of old New York glamor and upper-class exclusivity, both in real life and on screen.

In Oliver Stone’s 1987 film “Wall Street,” the dimly lit dining room serves as the backdrop for an illicit encounter between Wall Street bigwig Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) and aspiring stockbroker Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen). Gekko chides Fox for not wearing a suit nice enough, telling him, “You can’t walk in here looking that way” — a reference to the strict 21 Club dress code, which required jackets and ties. Famously, Gekko orders the “off-menu” steak tartare topped with a raw quail egg, just before slipping Fox a check for $1 million.

The exclusive restaurant was also featured in Woody Allen’s 1993 film “Manhattan Murder Mystery”, when Larry (Allen) and Carol (Diane Keaton) visit the 21 Club with their son on his birthday. The Club’s establishment photo features its famous exterior wrought-iron balustrade, which is dotted with brightly dressed jockey figurines. In the living room, they meet Marcia (Anjelica Huston), who is standing in front of a large horse statue. The 21 Club, which officially closed in 2021, can also be spotted in ‘All About Eve’ and ‘Sex and the City’, and although it does not physically appear in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’ , Grace Kelly orders a romantic dinner from the famous restaurant for her inamorata, played by Jimmy Stewart.


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