After the indignation, the deputy minister warned the decision makers to change the lyrics and the name of the song “Madhuban mein Radhika”


Music label Saregama said on Sunday that the company would “change” the lyrics and name of the song “Madhuban mein Radhika” after Madhya Pradesh Home Secretary Narottam Mishra claimed the video for the track hurt the religious feelings of the Hindus.

“In light of recent comments and respecting the feelings of our compatriots, we will be changing the lyrics and the name of the song Madhuban. The new song will replace the old one on all platforms over the next 3 days, ”said Saregama, who posted the aforementioned song on his YouTube channel on December 22, in a brief statement.

Madhya Pradesh Home Secretary Narottam Mishra has lashed out at a recent clip featuring Sunny Leone, warning that action will be taken against the actress and the song’s creators if they do not remove it social media platforms.

Asking Leone to apologize, Mishra said the state would take action against her and composer Saqib Toshi if the video was not removed from YouTube within three days. He also said that an FIR would be registered against Leone.

“Some people continually hurt Hindu feelings. There are temples for Radha in India, we pray for her. Saqib Toshi can do songs about his religion, but such songs offend us. I will seek legal advice and action will be taken against them (Toshi and Leone) if the video is not removed in three days, ”he said.

Saregama Music released the clip for the issue on Wednesday Madhuban mein Radhika naache, sung by Kanika Kapoor and Arindam Chakraborty. As the song deals with the love between Lord Krishna and his wife Radha, some viewers also criticized it for “hurting Hindu feelings” due to the “sensual” dance moves shown in it. The song was originally sung by Mohammed Rafi for the 1960 film Kohinoor.

Recently, Mathura-based priests called for the video to be banned, accusing the Bollywood actress of hurting their religious feelings by performing an “obscene” dance to the iconic song.

“We will go to court if the government does not take action against the actress and ban her video album,” Sant Naval Giri Maharaj de Vrindaban said. Unless she removes the stage and issues a public apology, she should not be allowed to stay in India, he said.

Akhil Bhartiya Tirth Purohit Mahasabha National President Mahesh Pathak also objected to Sunny’s dance video, saying she disparaged Brijbhumi’s prestige by presenting the song in a “pejorative manner.”

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