Alice Cooper’s group played huge roles in writing music for Legendary Rocker’s upcoming studio album, says Nita Strauss


Nita Strauss, the Los Angeles-based guitar destroyer for the ALICE COOPER group, confirmed to collapse from Detroit WRIF radio station that legendary rocker continues work on following up from last year “Stories from Detroit” album. “I actually made a call with [the Cooper camp] this weekend to discuss the progress of it, “she said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “The last time I heard we were in Nashville working on it. The band and I sat down and recorded quite a bit of music for this next album. The band was also instrumental in writing this. time, which is the It was the first time this had happened to me in eight years that I’ve been in the band, so it was really, really fun – really exciting for us to work with a legend like [produer] Bob ezrin. [It was] a huge, huge honor to be in the studio with him and Alice create what we hope to be a little more Alice cooper music just to add to its heritage. “

She added: “I’m on the [Alice Cooper] Live DVD. I’m on live album releases, live tracks that are bonus tracks and everything, but [this is my] first studio album with Alice. I’m actually the only person in the [current lineup of Alice‘s] group which did not record anything with Alice before, so that’s huge for me. [I’m] very, very honored. “

Asked about a possible release date for Alicethe new album of, Nita said, “I don’t have that information. I can tell you a lot about my [upcoming solo] save, but when it comes to Alice, I am a committed musician, like the others. At the moment we are still touring on “Stories from Detroit”, which was just released last year. So I do not know if it will necessarily be immediately that we will see the next one. But please don’t take my word for it. This is not my group. I don’t want to speak in turn. But I know we’ll turn “Stories from Detroit” a lot this year. “

Less than a year ago Alice told Australian’s Heavy that he wanted to record his next album on the road with the current formation of his solo band. “I like it – I like the idea,” he said. “I brought up the idea because my band is so tight. They aren’t even on [‘Detroit Stories’]. But they’re so tight they can play anything. And I said, ‘Well then why don’t we write the songs on the road about the road? Let’s write the songs about what’s happening on the road. Or it could just be funny, it could be tragic, it could be anything. I said, ‘But let’s make this album rock, like you do. And I would love to play it live during the sound checks. ‘ Instead of playing ‘Eighteen’ Where “School is over” or doing a soundcheck every day, I said, “Let’s rehearse these songs. And then at some point, somewhere down the road, when we have two days off, we’ll put on the next gig and record them all – record them live in a hall. And I said, ‘That would be unique. No one has ever done that. So let’s do something that no one has ever done. ‘”

Alice went on to say that he had every confidence that the members of his current solo group – Strauss, Tommy henriksen (guitar), Ryan roxie (guitar), Chuck garric (bass) and Glen sobel (drums) – would be able to rise to the occasion and make an album during the tour. “If you have the right players you can do anything,” he said. “I have Nita Strauss in there. Nita is just a monster guitar player. She was elected by the magazine “Guitarist Of The Decade” in Guitar magazine, and my drummer was voted “Best Rock Drummer” last year. And the good thing about this group is that they never have a bad night; they are good every night. And they’re all best friends. I never hear an argument; I never hear an ego arise; I never hear anyone yelling at anyone unless it’s funny. All I hear backstage is laughing. “

Released in February 2021, “Stories from Detroit” was recorded with Ezrin, mainly in Royal Oak with musicians from Detroit and presenting a mix of original material alongside covers of songs by Bob seger, the MC5, Mitch ryder‘s DETROIT and AMAZING CHERRY.

In 2018, Cooper Posted “A paranormal evening at the Olympia Paris”, a recording of his concert on December 7, 2017 at the world famous Olympia in France. The effort captured Cooper and his current comrades performing a choice selection of classics Cooper hits, in addition to some highlights from 2017 “Paranormal” album. Alice later said he wanted to publish a paper on his band’s prowess on stage because they “deserved a live album.”

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