Apple Music is now available on PS5


PS5 owners will now be able to play music in the background of their gaming session using the new Apple Music application that has just been launched on the console. For the price of a music service subscription, you’ll be able to access the library’s 90 million songs, music videos, playlists and radio stations anytime from the comfort of your gaming chair out of town. price.

Via a official PlayStation blog post, Apple Music will act as a fully integrated service on your PS5. Those who download Apple Music will be able to freely play music in the background of the games they are playing, as well as music video playback that will allow your favorite music video to continue playing in the background while you jump into it. a quick game. .

Aside from the obvious excitement of playing Cardi B’s WAP on repeat during Destiny 2 keystrokes, this is a nice addition to the PS5 that will allow gamers to get into the game better. ambiance when they start their game. This marks the PS5 as the first console with Apple Music available, where it joins Spotify as a source for all your music needs.

It comes after the Apple Music app was discovered as a download available earlier this month (via the edge), although at the time any attempt to download resulted in an error message. While the Spotify app also allows music to be played in the background while you play, the exclusive music videos and playlists available for the service might be enough to convince those who have used Spotify until now.

Just last month, Epic’s legal battle against Apple led to an exciting new ruling, forcing Apple to open payment options for software vendors on the App Store. The U.S. District Judge also ruled that he couldn’t prevent app makers from communicating with customers regarding app purchases. Apple has until December to implement these changes.


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