‘Beastie Buns’ Tribute Band Lead Lineup for Ybor City’s Hot Dog Party 16 | Show Previews | Tampa

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In “The New Style”, the late MCA of the Beastie Boys rapped “we got the kind of voices that’s in your face / Like the burger bun, like the burger bun.”

But this summer, a different kind of hot sauce committee will pay homage to both MCA’s iconic NYC hip-hop trio and another style of sandwich (or taco, depending on who you ask) when the “Beastie Buns” will play in Ybor City.

Tickets to see the Beastie Buns headlining Hot Dog Party 16: License To Grill at the Crowbar in Ybor City on Sunday, July 3 are on sale now and start at $12.

The Buns features a quartet of musicians – drummer Adam Revak, guitarist/vocalist Mike Ingold, bassist Sean Pomeroy and multi-instrumentalist Matt E “Minihorse” Lee – accompanied by local folks and American favorites (Lauris Vidal, Dean Johanesen , Scott Anderson) plus stage champions (Mike McKiernan), conductors (Anson Mitchell) and horn players (Kenny Pulin).

Other artists on the bill include rock and roll trio Johnny Mile & the Kilometers, grunge duo Hovercar and DJ Wally Rios who will spin when the doors open at 6 p.m. and again that night when Ol’ Dirty Sundays will invade the terrace.

As usual, the main attraction of the evening is a hot dog eating contest, which yours truly won 11 years ago. “Your best summer/American-style outfit” is suggested as a dress code.


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