BLACK VEIL BRIDES Has Over Half A Dozen ‘Incredible’ Follow-Up Songs To ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’


BLACK VEIL BRIDES singer Andy Biersack and drummer Coma Christian “CC” (born Christian Mora) spoke to rock sound last weekend To download UK festival on band’s plans to follow up on last year “The Phantom Tomorrow” album. The LP was a conceptual effort on the anti-hero character blackbird and a group of society outcasts known as The Phantom Tomorrow.

Andy said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “We probably have six to eight songs that are what we think are kind of an extension of [‘The Phantom Tomorrow’] story. I don’t know how they will be released. Originally we wanted to do a second part and everything. So we don’t know. You may get singles or duologies or whatever you want to call it, but we have material. We were just talking about it in the car the other day.”

Added CC: “It’s amazing. We have the final mixes and all that, and we listen to them. I mean, these are some of my favorites BLACK VEIL songs we’ve ever done. You never sounded so good,” he said, addressing Andy. “I think we’ve blended so well through this whole process and the pandemic, and I think in creatively bouncing off each other, I think that’s the best we’ve ever been, to be honest.”

“The Phantom Tomorrow” was released last October via Sumerian records. The third concept LP from BLACK VEIL BRIDES and the band’s most ambitious release to date features a dozen tracks, including the band’s first-ever Top 10 US Active Rock single. “Scarlet Cross”.

The cover of “The Phantom Tomorrow” was created by Eliran Kantorknown for his work with WILL, RACE HATE, HAVOK and Andy Blackto name a few. “The Phantom Tomorrow” was produced by Erik Ron (GOD, DANCE GAVIN DANCE, BUSH) and co-produced by the guitarist Jake Pitts.

Biersack previously discussed lyrical themes covered on “The Phantom Tomorrow” in a 2021 interview with “Cutter’s Rockcast”. He said: “It’s a concept album. The story is basically the idea…In our society, especially now, we have this love of building heroes and being obsessed with other people who often don’t don’t care about you or anybody else, and we kind of have these fake idols and heroes and so the story is kind of about taking this mythological character and the people who give them all this power and then ultimately turning your back on the character because no one can fulfill the dreams and ideas that you put on someone else, so it’s an alternate version of our own timeline where our obsession with heroes and iconography of someone who aspires to spiral out of control and becomes our whole society.

As for how he came up with “The Phantom Tomorrow” concept, Andy said: “In January of [2020], I just sat down and started writing this story. I also draw a lot when I write. I’m not great, but I like being able to represent my ideas that way. So I wrote this whole story and drew some characters, and then about a week and a half later we were ready to go into the studio, and it’s kind of a coincidence that this whole idea came to me. And so I went to the studio with everyone and said, “Listen, this is what I think we should do,” and laid out the story and the plot and the ideas. Because we have already made concept records. The kind of method that we’ve come up with is the best, is that I give the concept and the ideas, as far as the narrative perspective goes, to the group, and then that’s how we write as a group together, to get the tone and the way we’re gonna go through this journey. I will take these songs and then write the lyrics to serve the story and the plots throughout the journey from song one to the last song.

“There are some unfortunate strings put in there — which means you have to write in the context of what you’re writing,” he continued. “But I tried to keep this one more open where it’s applicable…Because I didn’t want to write about stuff that I don’t know, I wanted it to be about my experience. And there’s really nothing in our history that doesn’t I’m not mimicking the current situation, either on a personal level with people I’ve known, or on a socio-political level, with the craziness of the world right now. universal, so it made it a little bit easier to kind of cross the journey.”

In November 2019, BLACK VEIL BRIDES announced the arrival of a bassist Lonny Eagleton in the ranks of the group. He joins the group replacing Ashley Purdywho left the group earlier that month.

Eagleton already played with Biersack (a.k.a Andy Black) during his solo tour.


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