Brewers Podcast; Brosseau home run, clear benches against the Cubs


Three games and the results are mixed for the Milwaukee Brewers. Journalist Curt Hogg and host JR Radcliffe watch the big home run for Mike Brosseau, salvaging an otherwise lousy start to the season. Is there anything that can be seriously taken away from the first three games? Is abbreviated spring training a factor in early pitching personnel problems? How did you Look Victor Caratini after drawing the difficult task of starting at receiver for a team he just met? What’s up with the tensions between the compensation benches between Brewers and Cubs? Plus: “Rememberw When” looks at an unforgettable old streak against the Orioles as the Brewers fly to Baltimore this week, and “Curt Blanche” takes Chicago’s concessions in Curt’s take of the week.

After:Corbin Burnes and Omar Narváez made history in Brewers’ season opener against Cubs

After:In his first start at Wrigley Field since striking out 15 batters, Corbin Burnes didn’t quite find a rhythm with his best pitch

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