Broadway Musical, ‘The Band’s Visit’ Debuts at Orpheum Theater


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – The critically acclaimed Broadway musical The Band’s Visit debuted at the Orpheum Theater this week.

From Broadway tunes to traditional Arabic music to American jazz, the cast of ‘The Band’s Visit’ musical say the music is at the heart of the show.

“It’s just a great story about the power of humanity, how music connects people who may come from different places, and really makes you feel like any piece of art helps you to make a little more sense of your place in the world,” said Yoni Battat, who plays Camal on the show.

The group’s visit takes place in 1996 and concerns an Egyptian orchestra supposed to play a concert in Israel, which gets lost along the way.

Due to a mistranslation, they end up in a different city and therefore spend 24 hours in an unfamiliar city.

“It’s about connection, about humanity, about need, about needing each other and how much we are all alike,” said actor Sasson Gabay.

Gabay plays Tawfiq, the band’s bandleader.

He was originally cast in the film before it was adapted into a musical.

Since then, “The Band’s Visit” has won 10 Tony Awards as well as a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album.

Battat is both an actor and a musician for the show playing the violin.

He says there is something for everyone!

“There are songs that are very heartfelt, and there are songs that are very beautiful, and there are songs that are very nostalgic, and there are songs that are also very joyful,” Battat said.

Gabay says no matter your race, ethnicity or even musical taste, “The Band’s Visit” is a musical that connects.

“Everyone can relate to this story and relate to it, and really, I’m proud of that,” Battat said.

The band’s visit is played at the Orpheum until Sunday, April 17.

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