BTS members Suga, Jin, Jung Kook, and V make the most of their band’s break by ditching solo music


Just over a week ago, BTS announced that the group were planning to have an “extended rest period”, which will allow them to spend time with family and to recharge their batteries. When they return to group activities, they will hopefully be rested and creatively inspired, ready to once again conquer the charts around the world.

As the seven members reunite with their loved ones, it looks like many of them are still working hard on solo projects. In the week and more since the group revealed their split, several of the singers featured in the world-leading outfit have scored. Billboard hits the charts, and it looks like more solo material is on the way.

In the past few weeks, BTS member Jin has been enjoying his time in the spotlight as he has reached BillboardThe Hot Trending Songs chart featuring not one, but two songs. Her solo single “Yours” was a quick win in the tally before the break was announced, and the song has continued to find space on the Twitter-focused roster for a month now. “Yours” also became Jin’s No. 1 debut hit in America on its own, as it reigned supreme on the global digital song sales chart, and it also managed to rank second on the digital song sales chart. all kinds.

“Yours” was recorded and released before BTS revealed that they were taking some time to relax, but it’s possible that Jin jumped at the chance to work on his solo material when the seven musicians decided to to make a break. This week, the singer’s “Super Tuna,” a birthday present for his fans, also blew the tally, doubling his total number of appearances.

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Another BTS member, Jung Kook, also scored a Hot Trending Songs hit in early December when his song “Falling” landed at No. 20 on the 20-spot tally. The cover of one of Harry Styles’ most popular tracks was a hot topic on Twitter, which brought the performer to the new roster for the first time. “Falling” also appeared before the break was announced, but it’s likely Jung Kook worked on it before the reveal.

BTS’s Suga is currently on new album Juice WRLD under his own name, and he may tag another soon Billboard hit with the collaborative song “Girl of My Dreams” by the late rapper Fight demons full length.

Before the arrival of 2022, another member of BTS will also be releasing a new solo song, and it could become a big hit on a number of shows as well. Billboard graphics in no time. V has signed on to lend his voice to the soundtrack of an upcoming South Korean romantic comedy titled Our beloved summer, which premieres at the end of December. The singer has recorded a track called “Christmas Tree,” which is appropriately due for release on December 24. After the eclipse of the first week of full follow-up of the Cup, it’s entirely possible that the title ranks among the bestsellers has a good chance of reaching the Hot Trending Songs chart, which seems open to all. members of BTS.

In the coming weeks and months, it is possible that other BTS singers will share solo projects, whether they are standalone songs or complete collections of some sort. The septet did not specify how long their break will last, but it is likely that the musicians will not remain silent for long.

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