Capetain Trippy refuses $ 3.8 million and announces he is leading a new NFT group


As the “avatar casting” in comics and music videos takes off, Jace kay created the AvaCast platform to push the boundaries of this expanding media space by using it as a digital agent. “The NFTs” will use AvaCast to stream other NFTs in their next clip. Since the owners of these NFTs have the intellectual property rights to their characters, they can monetize them for use in the media to earn royalties. This made possible The Bored Ape Comic, a community comic based on the NFT’s “Bored Ape Yacht Club”, where monkeys were thrown in the first and next issues.

Capetain Trippy won the “Bored-Offs” casting competition, earning him a role in the Bored Ape comic book and royalties on sales. He comments: “We are excited to share the new song” The NFTs “with the world. As a winner of Bored-Offs, I have seen the power of AvaCast and I know how important the industry of Avatar is. Casting “is about to get massive. We have only scratched the surface of NFT as celebrities and I hope our group will help fuel this exciting digital frontier for artists.”

“I’ve Got a Cool Cat Too” is available on major streaming services, such as Apple and Spotify, and will be released with remixes, covers, and music video, as a limited edition collectible NFT series. “The NFTs” signed with the StereoheadZ Music Club (SZMC), which funded the production of the song. For more information on the SZMC and “The NFTs” visit:

CONTACT: Chat Jennings, [email protected]

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