Chris Janson + Eric Church Make Their Live Debut “You Me And The River”


Chris Janson and Eric Church performed separate, back-to-back sets at the Colorado Country Jam festival on Thursday, June 23, giving the two stars the perfect opportunity to perform their new duo live for the first time.

During Church’s headlining, he welcomed Janson – who had played just hours before – on stage for a live performance of “You, Me & the River”, their Church-penned killer ballad from Janson’s latest album, All-in.

“I’m going to do a surprise, kind of a special thing,” Church told the Country Jam crowd, before calling on Janson to join him. “We had the chance to record together earlier this year, and we haven’t really done it since we were in the recording studio, but I’m never on stage with him. I’ve never had the chance to do it. So we thought tonight… we’d try that.”

Janson then jumped onto the stage with his acoustic guitar, amid loud applause from the crowd, and the two artists launched into a rendition of their song. After they finished, they shared a hug on stage before Janson waved to the crowd and left.

“You, Me & the River” marks the first time Janson has recorded a song he didn’t write for a major label album. He previously told Taste of Country that his friendship with Church dated back to a May 2021 tribute to ZZ Top that took place at the Grand Ole Opry, where Church and Janson starred. They planned to go fishing one day and exchanged numbers, but their relationship quickly turned musical. Early one morning Janson was returning from a trip to Whitefish, Montana, and when he landed at 3 a.m. he looked at his phone and realized that Church had sent him the song that would become ” You, Me & the River.”

“I’m like, ‘…Interesting. Does he introduce me to this? He knows I write my own songs. I don’t know what to say,'” the singer says. He immediately loved the song, although Church had some questions about it – he wanted to know if Janson thought it was too “dark”, for example.

Janson suggested doing a duet, and they leaned into that “darkness” – difficult – for the music video, which tells a story about infidelity and the deadly consequences. The black-and-white clip shows Church dragging a body into a river and, separately, Janson burying a body, which turns out to be Church.

“You, Me & the River” isn’t the only song on All-in which showcases Church’s talents. Another track, “Flag on the Wall”, is a song the two wrote together.

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