Clarks Summit alternative rock solo project Sleeplore debuts acclaimed self-titled EP and live band


Rich Howells

Extract from a press release:

This week, more than a decade of work culminated in “Sleeplore,” the eponymous debut EP from Clarks Summit songwriter, producer and alternative experimenter Clyde Rosencrance.

The acclaimed solo project hit all major streaming platforms on December 15 after his band’s very first live performance at Stage West in Scranton last month as part of the Electric City Music Conference.

“When I started this project I didn’t really have any intention of doing live performances, but I didn’t necessarily have any specific intentions with a lot of the things I’ve done so far either. . It’s just a liberation and a way for me to free myself from certain elements that I was sitting on, ”explained Rosencrance.

“It was just an opportunity that I couldn’t refuse. … For having only had three rehearsals and this was our first time playing together, we had a really good time.

Sleeplore was also named Best New Artist at the Steamtown Music Awards that same weekend, living up to the promise of major publications like Alternative Press which featured him on paper as one of their “100 Artists You Must Know”. “and online as one of” 10 unsigned emo groups to watch in 2021. “

“This EP was a labor of love. Recorded in different places for over 10 years while working on other projects, it all kind of came together, and although the songs are very different, there is also a lot of commonalities, ”said Rosencrance.

“It took an insane amount of work to get here, and I can’t thank those who have helped enough. “

Produced, recorded and mixed by Rosencrance in his Clarks Summit studio, all six songs include contributions from Alan Hanczyc (bass), Timothy Zieger (piano, euphonium), Piotr Stanisz (violin), Jeremy Twist (drums), Anthony J Resta (additional guitar, modular synth, lap steel, strings, percussion) and Stephen Martin (drums). The album cover art was illustrated by Nathan Tersteeg, with a graphic design by Keith Perks of 1120 Creative.

“It started with a conversation with Nathan Tersteeg where I wasn’t even sure what I wanted. I just knew I liked what he was doing. After a few more conversations, talked about music, other arts that we loved, Nathan got to work, ”Rosencrance remembers.

“What you see here is Nathan’s visual interpretation of the Sleeplore sound. It also includes a setting on the Susquehanna River, which is meaningful to anyone in this region. Finally, I asked my talented friend Keith Perks to be a part of it doing the layout and text work to bring it all together.

Music often calls for elements of discovery and the comfort of isolation. Weaving a thread to combine hypnagogic visions with an artificial production style, the project offers listeners a sound model from which they can contemplate their own unique stories.

This enveloping dark, atmospheric rock soundscape is influenced by artists like Sparklehorse, Sigur Ros, The National, Radiohead, Coldplay, Pink Floyd and The Stills. Listeners will enjoy the blend of a familiar rock song structure with more immersive elements that immerse listeners in a contemplative state.

Sleeplore’s first single, “Let Go,” was released in late 2020, but Rosencrance’s official tenure in music spans a period of approximately 15 years. Throughout this period, the Dalton resident released several collaborative works ranging from raw college rock and alternative sounds of The Magdalyns (nicknamed “skeleton rock”) to more contemporary rock and roots sounds like OurAfter and the Dalton 45s. He has shared the stage with an eclectic array of notable artists, such as Yellowcard, The Roots, Everclear, Flyleaf, The Ataris, and Dispatch, among others.

Rosencrance has also produced many other musicians, both independently and through his personal installation, Republic Audio Studio, which was named Studio of the Year at the 2020 Steamtown Music Awards. Notable regional artists he has recorded include The Holtzmann Effect, Soul Satellite, Royal Hell, Days in Transit, Black Hole Heart, The Mange, Black Nihil, These Idol Hands, Phyllis Hopkins Electric Trio, JP Williams Blues Band, Timothy Zieger, Mara Katria, and Butch Frable. Often referred to as the “fifth member of the group”, he helps to realize their vision and adds certain elements that offer a sound signature.

Now he’s leading his own group on a musical journey that’s only just beginning. Watch Sleeplore’s debut performance from November 20 below:

Photo by Rich Howells / NEPA Scene


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