Coldplay just announced they will stop making music as a band in 2025


You need to check out your friends who like Coldplay because they might not be okay. Chris Martin, the band’s frontman, has just revealed that the award-winning crooners will stop making music as a band in 2025.

The devastating or joyous news – depending on who asks – was announced on BBC Radio 2 on Wednesday, December 22, during a special set to air on Friday, reports BBC.

“Our last real record will be released in 2025, and after that I think we’re only going to tour,” he said.

“And maybe we’ll do things together, but the Coldplay catalog, so to speak, ends then.”

The reveal comes just two months after Coldplay released their ninth hit studio album, Music of the Spheres, which went straight to number one earlier this year.

Presenter Jo Whiley, who interviewed Martin for the show special, said that while the singer can be fairly honest in interviews, she “never really knows if he’s joking or he’s extremely serious.”

Enthusiastic listeners may be crossing their fingers that this is the case, and many have pointed out that it is consistent with what Martin has said in previous interviews. According to The Guardian, the frontman told NME in October that the band intended to make three more albums – to bring the total to 12.

However, this is the first time he has announced a date when the band will stop making music.

While fans didn’t appreciate the news, as Twitter is chock-full of tons of sad tweets, the group announced that they will be touring the world with a series of incredible initiatives that will help mitigate their environmental impact. Some eco-friendly items on the menu is a “Kinetic floor” that will harness the energy created by fans, a stage made of renewable materials and solar panels.

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