Composer-pianist Havasi signs with Universal Music


Award-winning composer, pianist and entertainer Havasi, whose sold-out shows and rock star charisma have earned him a rapidly growing fan base around the world, has announced a global recording deal with Universal Music Group (UMG ), the world leader in music. based entertainment.

Havasi’s world will be released in april

Havasi’s new deal with Universal Music Group covers future recorded music, merchandising, brand partnerships and its extensive 13-album catalog will be available digitally for the first time. Besides Havasi’s world, a new collection released April 8, features some of his most popular compositions, including “The Road”, “Prelude (Age of Heroes)”, “The Duel”, “Freedom”, “The Storm” as well as a unreleased title new track. Havasi will work with Universal Music Austria and the Electrola label who will support his unique creative and artistic vision.

“I believe you can achieve any goal if you work with a team that shares your vision,” Havasi said. “Music is a blessing and I’ve always wanted to take the audience on a journey with me. With the help of Universal, this journey will be more exciting than ever.

UMG Austria Managing Director Cornelius Ballin said: “It is extremely rare to find a combination of exceptional artistry, vision and professionalism like Havasi and his team. Their inspiring collaboration makes you feel like you’re part of the journey from day one. I’m extremely excited for Universal Music to contribute to Havasi’s future global success.

“A great piano virtuoso with the stage presence of a rock ‘n’ roll star”

Electrola Managing Director Jörg Hellwig added, “Havasi combines the skills of a great piano virtuoso with the stage presence of a rock ‘n’ roll star. At Universal Music, we want to help bring his sensational talent and creative vision to an even wider audience around the world. We are delighted to partner with Havasi and his team for this new chapter in his extraordinary career.

Havasi, described as “Hungary’s greatest musical export since Bartók” (The New York Independent), is a classically trained virtuoso pianist who graduated from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, the most prestigious conservatory in Hungary. He draws inspiration from different ages and genres – combining his classical roots in Liszt and Chopin, the cinematic reach of today’s leading soundtrack composers, and contemporary influences from the worlds of rock, pop and beyond.

Havasi’s original compositions have been performed in some of the world’s most iconic venues, including Carnegie Hall in New York, the Sydney Opera House and Wembley Arena in London. His extravagant shows combine piano, orchestra, choir, singers, visuals, fireworks and acrobatics creating a rock-star spectacle. He explained: “I am trained as a classical musician, but I have always seen myself first and foremost as an artist, a showman.” His next tours include concerts in Dubai, Europe and the United States.

Havasi’s innovative compositions and live performances cross musical boundaries and his new global agreement with Universal Music Group will allow his music and artistry to reach an even wider audience around the world.

Listen to This Is Havasi on Spotify.

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