Concert review: Bands Smooth Hands, Tonight’s Sunshine and Goggles


After playing to a packed house in Phoenix the night before, musical group Smooth Hands along with bands Tonight’s Sunshine and Goggles were welcomed to Tucson with a small but energetic crowd at Groundworks, a non-profit venue.

Phoenix-area band Smooth Hands just released a music video for their song “Butt Rock” and celebrated with a series of live performances.

Smooth Hands drummer Mario Castillo Lechuga spoke about what led to the show.

“When we wanted to do a show in Phoenix and one in Tucson, we called Tonight’s Sunshine, who are homies and they agreed to do it with us,” Lechuga said.


Goggles, a local band from Tucson, started the night off with the song “Drink Up”, making a pointed remark to the audience to drink before launching into the song.

The heavy metal band may have been a bit too energetic to start the night off, as the audience refused the band’s numerous attempts to start a mosh pit. Their efforts weren’t completely overlooked though, and the crowd nodded and even sang along to a few of their songs. At the end of their set, the audience lingered over the question of what to expect next.

The air was filled with anticipation and uncertainty as to what this out of town band had to offer. But as soon as the four members took the stage and started performing their first song of the night, “Butt Rock,” the uncertainty was immediately replaced with satisfaction and excitement.

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Smooth Hands managed to grab the audience and get everyone moving or even dancing with their musical styles. Their music refuses to be lumped into one category, ticking almost every box imaginable, from jazz to alternative to garage rock.

They sang a few unreleased songs and lead singer James Halley mentioned that they messed up some songs the night before.

“We’re going to get it right for Tucson, but only for Tucson,” Halley said.

It was clear that their experimental tracks were successful and if they got it wrong the audience never noticed. The songs “Funky Joe” and “Kiss My Neck” and their whimsical, dreamlike tunes challenged the listener to escape as they gave off a feeling that can only be described as flight.

When Tonight’s Sunshine came out, the crowd knew what to expect and were there for it. The night almost ended in disaster as lead singer Anastasia Romanov forgot her ukulele, but Groundworks manager Logan Greene managed to find one in time for the show.

Anastasia Romanov on ukulele and vocals.

Their energy was perfect for a rapprochement as it managed to combine the vibes of the first two sets to end. Their 90s grunge style tunes left it all on stage and were captivating from start to finish. The song “Aphrodite” was undoubtedly a hit with the crowd and left them wanting more.

As they finished, the audience began to cheer for an encore before Romanov turned to Greene for approval and sang their last song of the night “Rubber Ducky”. The concert ended with everyone present, grateful for the ukulele that saved the night.

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