Construction continues on addition of Keokuk High School Music Wing


KEOKUK (WGEM) – Construction has been underway since March and crews just put a roof on the new building this month.

The new music wing will include practice and ensemble rooms, storage facilities and a brand new sound system.

In previous music halls, students in the band had to practice at different times because not everyone could fit in a hall at the same time.

Principal Adam Magliari said the new music wing will allow students to get the practice and support they deserve.

“It helps our students understand how important what they do here in high school is. It doesn’t matter if his fine arts education was going to give them the best opportunities,” Magliari said. “So when students feel that way, they feel empowered to do their best and I feel like a lot of pride comes out of that.”

Magliari said the old music districts were no longer suitable for the programs provided by Keokuk High School.

“Our choir and group program has always been outstanding here at Keokuk High School,” Magliari said. “We just didn’t have the space and so our choir actually always practiced in the cafeteria every day, so they would literally have to come in and move the tables and then set up this stage and be there to dance.”

Throughout the summer, rain interrupted construction a few times.

Students are expected to practice in the new music hall by September.

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