Dallas WRR 101.1 FM may lose its classical music format



The station was the first licensed broadcast station in Texas and has played classical music for over 50 years.

WRR 101.1 FM radio station could lose its classical music format.

According to the Friends of WRR website, the depletion of financial reserves and the City of Dallas’ request for a new leadership proposal could mean the station, which has been broadcasting classical music for 57 years, may change its music format.

This year marked 100 years since WRR was licensed. It was the first licensed broadcast station in Texas and one of the nation’s five inaugural stations.

WRR is owned by Dallas and operates on a self-funded government fund that sells advertising and sponsorships to generate income to cover expenses. In the past, the Friends of the WRR have said that excess revenue goes to the Arts Endowment Fund of the Bureau of Arts and Culture to support small and medium-sized arts organizations.

Between 2010-13, $ 7.2 million was taken from the fund to support other aspects of the city of Dallas budget and the lost funds were never fully restored, according to the Friends of the WRR website. .

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a year of decline for the commercial radio industry, and the station has been accused of being unsustainable, so a request for proposal on new management has been issued by the city .

Friends of WRR said the RFP does not require the new director to retain the station’s classic format.

Those interested in helping the station are asked to sign up for the WRR newsletter, which can be found on the home page of Amisofwrr.org. Financial support for the station can be done on the same website under the heading “Become a friend” tongue.

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