Dev Makes Musical Breakup Deals With New Pop Song “Band Aid”


Mumbai artist Dev makes music. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Growing up, Mumbai artist Dev Modi aka Dev Makes Music took over keys, drums, guitar, tabla and even music production. After posting covers on YouTube and Instagram, he started sharing his own material last year and released two singles – ‘Enigma’ and ‘Hair Tie’. Now he’s come out with his latest track, the pop offering “Band Aid.”

Modi started writing ‘Band Aid’ the day after a breakup. He says: “I had a lot to say and I immediately picked up my acoustic guitar and started singing, ‘You won’t get it right away/ You could blame me for that/ Say I didn’t try hard enough.’ “With the majority of the song completed in that session alone, the artist still wasn’t decided whether he wanted to go ahead and release it to the world or not. “It took me months to debating with myself whether I even wanted to release such a personal track for everyone to hear.”

“Band Aid” opens with a pop ballad with poignant touches and Modi’s soulful vocals. The song then picks up with sonic embellishments, before the drums kick in towards the end as the track progresses into much heavier territory. Modi says, “The final product, in my opinion, sounds like a Shawn Mendes song with hints of Olivia Rodrigo and Finneas in the lyrical and sonic aspects.” The artist produced, mixed and mastered the song himself.

With a pop-punk single on the way as well as collaborations in the works, the singer-producer has his work cut out for him and tells us that he is still discovering his sound as a musician. He says, “I work on a live band setup to perform my songs and covers in venues. If all goes as planned, this year will end with four or five more songs as part of my discography.

Stream “Band Aid” on Spotify below and at other platforms.


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