Enslaved announces live broadcast of “The Otherworldly Big Band Experience” with Shaman Elephant


Enslaved announces the live broadcast of

To celebrate their recent EP Caravans to the outside world, metal band Enslaved is hosting a live event on December 21st called “The Otherworldly Big Band Experience”. They will be joined by Norwegian psychedelic prog band Shaman Elephant, as well as Norwegian filmmakers to organize the event. The live broadcast intentionally aligns with the Winter Solistice, which the group sees as a transition to better days ahead.

“Many of us hope that this next winter solstice will mark a lasting turning point after the dark days behind us”, Ivar bjørnson said in a press release. “We kept it all along; virtual tours, rehearsals, writing and release of an album and an EP. You heard us when we said, “This won’t stop us! – the enslaved community has grown stronger through the crisis.

The group made the solstice celebration a tradition: last year they held a similar live broadcast Event December 19 as a testimony of better days to follow the year of the pandemic. It was also a celebration of their 2020 album Utgard, what was “much cooler and more distant than their old brand of engaging, energetic and extreme progressive metal.

Following this event, the group will perform at Fire in the mountains and Alcatraz festivals in 2022. Tickets for the next live broadcast can be purchased here and watched through December 24.

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