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Music has always played a key role in Disney films, whether in the form of licensed tracks, original songs, or a cinematic score.

The Zombies trilogy was no exception to this as the musical films are full of catchy and emotional songs.

Zombies 3 is the latest entry in the franchise and its cast shine once again as they perform a number of tracks throughout, but what songs feature on the soundtrack?

Zombies 3 | official trailer

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Zombies 3 | official trailer






Zombies 3 release date and plot preview

Zombies 3 danced to Disney+ on Friday, July 15e2022 while an extended cut will premiere on Disney Channel on August 12e at 20 hours.

The film continues the story of zombie football player Zed and cheerleader Addison as they enter their senior year at Seabrook High.

After years of bickering, the town has finally become a haven for zombies and humans, and Zed and Addison look forward to the next stage of their lives, college.

Before the couple can take the next step, there’s one last thing to do in Seabrook as the town prepares to open its brand new Cheer Pavilion and Addison invites a host of cheerleading teams from around the world to take part in an international competition. .

However, the competition also attracts the attention of a group of intergalactic aliens as a group of aliens arrive in Seabrook to compete – though the townspeople are quick to be wary of the newcomers when they discover that they may be looking for more than just friendly competition.

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Zombies 3 soundtrack

Like the previous two films in the trilogy, Zombies 3 is filled to the brim with catchy songs that will stick in your head for days.

The songs that feature in the Zombies 3 soundtrack are:

Download from official press site | disney | John Medland

Listen on Spotify and Apple Music

To coincide with the release of Zombies 3, its official soundtrack album has also been made available on music streaming platforms around the world.

With all the songs from the movie except one – mysteriously missing What is this feeling – the album is now available on Spotify and Apple Music after releasing the JJuly 15the.

In addition to the songs from the film, the album even includes a track that includes a medley of music from the film’s score which was composed by George S. Clinton and Amit May Cohen who both worked on the previous two films.

Zombies 3 is available to stream now on Disney+ after its release on Friday July 15e2022.

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