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Longtime New York metalcore band Every Time I Die announced their split on Monday (January 17), revealing that they played their last gig last month. The band, formed in Buffalo, NY in 1988 by singer brothers Keith Buckley and guitarist Jordan Buckley, rhythm guitarist Andy Williams, bassist John McCarthy and drummer Mike Novak, appears to have split up following a falling out with singer Buckley. .

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“Andy, Jordan, Steve and [drummer Clayton] goose [Holyoak] last gig with Every Time I Die was Dec 11, 2021,” guitarist Jordan Buckley wrote in an Instagram post. “While we hoped to reach an agreed legal statement outlining the truth, we were made aware today of something not mutually agreed upon for release, which consists of inaccuracies and controls a narrative for the benefit of each.”

The statement goes on to note that there was “no direct communication” with Keith Buckley, “because it is either impossible to communicate directly with him alone or we have been cut off from all communication by himself.” .

Keith Buckley responded with his own message, which appeared to be a copy of a separation agreement sent to him by the other four members, which asks Buckley to “immediately cease and desist from making statements, that whether written or oral, directly or indirectly (including social media or otherwise) that in any way defames, disparages or criticizes the professional name, prestige, image, reputation, practices or conduct of the group or of the members represented.

The letter also asked Buckley to stop using the band’s name, logo or intellectual property until a formal, signed separation agreement is in place. “While we hope to resolve this situation amicably, we have been instructed to take formal legal action against any violation of our customers’ rights or defamatory statements about our customers, to the fullest extent permitted by law,” did he declare.

Every Time I Die was on the road in December to promote their ninth album, 2021 Radical, when they announced that Keith Buckley would be taking a break from the final three dates of the release to focus on his mental health. “Taking care of my own mental health took precedence over EVERYTHING else in my life. the love he brought to everything I do was clear to all who saw me and I value my progress too much to allow a setback. I’m taking a break from ETID to prepare for TTST,” the singer tweeted at the time.

He followed up with a Tweeter in which he said that “to be left out of the group that I built for 20 years because I made the decision to do whatever it took to be a good human being hurts me deeply, but trust me when i say i am the most mentally fit i have ever been.this decision was made to protect me from my own brother.

Shortly after, the singer suggested there was more to the story. “Now that I’ve seen the ‘official statement’ that ETID is ending the tour without their vocalist, I think I’m ready to tell you all kinda exactly WHY my mental health had to become a priority over ETID , ” he noted. “and believe that I have receipts.”

At press time, a spokesperson for the band could not be reached for comment. The band’s official website still lists dates for a January/February tour in England as well as February and March dates in the United States with Underoath and Spiritbox up to the March 26 concert in St. Petersburg, Florida.

See the band’s statement and agreement below.


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