“Fozzy” bids farewell to Frank Fontsere; Drummer replacement revealed


Rock band “Fozzy” to enter new chapter after longtime drummer Frank Fontsere leaves the group; who could be his replacement?

In an Instagram post, the band addressed the issue, saying Fontsere is stepping down from his drumming job after nearly 20 years.

The reason for his exit is that he is focusing on his family and “other projects”. (read the full statement below)

In the same statement, the band also revealed that they found a new drummer after an “extensive audition process. Fontsere’s replacement would be Grant Brooks of the band” Through Fire. “

“Fozzy” also said they were eager to “unleash the pure energy” that Brooks brings to the group.

“We are looking forward to the greatest year in our history! Love you and see you soon!” the group entered, signed by Chris Jericho, Rich “The Duke” Ward, Billy Gray and PJ Farley.

Grant Brooks shares his feelings about being Fozzy’s new drummer

In another social media post, Brooks opened up about his experience with “Through Fire” over the past four years.

He mentioned that he had performed in some of the biggest festivals of his career with the band. He thanked the group for making him a nationally touring artist.

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“I will never forget these memories with my brothers who will always be my family,” he added.

However, he did mention that it was time to part ways with the group, but clarified that there was “no bad blood” and that they would continue to support him in whatever he does.

Speaking about his new gig as the drummer for “Fozzy,” Brooks said he was “super excited” to embark on a new journey with his friends and his team.

2022 is Fozzy’s biggest year

According to Blabbermouth, the band will release a new album titled “Boombox” on April 15th. The disc will feature some of their top 10 singles like “Sane” and “Nowhere to Run”.

“Fozzy” is also set to perform as part of his 2022 “Save The World” tour in the United States. The group will present other groups like “GFM”, “Krashkarma” and “The Nocturnal Affair”.

Their first concert will be in Detroit, Michigan on March 16. The group will end their tour on May 16 in Sauget, Illinois.

In addition to their shows, they are also reportedly hosting an album release party on April 11 at Irving Plaza in New York City.

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