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Although sound singer Chike studied computer engineering, his exploits in the Nigerian music industry show that music has always been his first love.

The 29-year-old started laying his foundations in the entertainment industry by participating in musical talent hunt contests. For example, in 2015, he participated in Project Fame West Africa, a musical reality show that aired in Nigeria and other West African countries.

Although he was disqualified after placing in the top ten in the competition, the singer joined another singing competition, The Voice Nigeria in 2016.

It was his springboard to “the real world of music”. Chike performed a cover of James Arthur’s “Roses” during his blind audition for the show, only to end up mesmerizing all four judges during the audition.

He was lucky to win the favor of the judges and the public throughout the competition where he finished second. All in all, it was a great achievement for the Nigerian sonic singer as Universal Republic signed him soon after The Voice Nigeria was completed.

Life hasn’t been the same for the singer since then, and here are his top 5 songs.

beautiful people

Chike’s “Beautiful People” is a perfect example of a musical masterpiece. It’s the first track from his 2020 album “Boo of the Booless”.

Chike celebrates the beautiful hearts that come into people’s lives and take away the pain. He serenades a special woman who erases her pain, despair in life and replaces it with happiness and love.

As for the sound, it is unique with saxophone and guitar strumming giving the flavor of the mid-tempo rhythm.


Chike has a way of telling love stories. It doesn’t stop at “Beautiful People”; he also does it with ‘Roju’, a classic Igbo love tune.

This resounding success comes from his album “Boo of the Booless” which is a dedication of love.

It’s a change of pace for Roju, who was previously a fan of literary tragedy. From her home in Igboland, Chike portrays a variety of Nigerian weddings, starting with her own.

The typical idiosyncrasies of an Igbo wedding are found in the song’s lyrics, which are sung in Igbo. The song’s visuals are equally mouth-watering.

Nwoke Oma

“Nwoke Oma”, loosely translates to “a good man”. It is taken from Chike’s second album “The Brother’ Keeper”.

While “Nwoke Oma” has a happy vibe like “Beautiful People,” the song’s melody is quite different.

The distinctive lyrics of “Nwoke Oma” contribute greatly to the overall beauty of the song. And the content is very relevant. He talks about the charisma that people with money have that they are always followed.

But its packaging of the message is unique and tasty.

Run (To You) ft Simi

There are few Chike songs that can compare to “Running To You”, which he wrote. As always, Nigerian musician Silky Voice Simi delivers a smooth and pleasing vocal performance for this duet that you will want to add to your playlist.

This song does not lose its flavor even for a day. When Chike sings with Simi’s backing vocals, you feel the charm. It’s nostalgic to say the least.


“Amen” is a heartfelt love song that promises to never stop loving and living together. For weddings and love anniversaries, the song is perfect especially with its insatiable mid-tempo groove.

The production deepens the Nigerian fairy tale of love and romance while giving thanks to God for answered prayer.


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