Free music, games, photo storage and e-books from Amazon Prime


If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you’re probably doing so for two-day shipping, free video content, and . . . well, maybe that’s about all.

But Amazon is a big company with a slew of offers, many of which are hard to find, including a bunch of other free stuff you get with your Prime membership.

Here’s a look at some of the best freebies you can get beyond fast shipping, movies, and TV shows.

Amazon Music

Amazon offers a paid music service similar to Spotify and gives you access to over 75 million songs, but it costs $9 per month.

However, as a Prime member, you have access to approximately 2 million songs free. You can listen to them through your Echo devices or use the Amazon Music app to listen to them on the go, including offline downloads.

First game

Every year I complain about the $139 Prime fee and wonder if it’s really worth it. For me, First game takes the sting out of this annual expense a bit.

Thanks to Prime Gaming, I just caught Far Cry 4– which I had planned to add to my collection, and which normally costs $30. Each month, the service offers a collection of free games to claim.

There are of course misfires every month, but there is always at least a jewel or two. To input Escape from Monkey Islandd this month while you’re at it.

Amazon Pics

If you take a ton of photos and have nowhere to save them, Amazon Pics is obvious.

Download the app to your phone and it will automatically back up your full-resolution photos with no storage limit, beating free photo storage offers from Apple and Google. It will also store up to five gigabytes of video, not a ton, but not nothing either.

Main Reading

If you are always looking for something new to read, Main Reading gives you access to a rotating selection of e-books, magazines, and audiobooks that number in the thousands.

Free titles are marked with the Prime logo in the upper right corner; not to be confused with Kindle Unlimited titles, which you get by paying a $10 per month Kindle Unlimited subscription. We’re all for that too, since we have three kids stomping their way through e-books at an insane clip. But try Prime Reading first to see if it scratches your literary itch.

The full list

Again, this stuff can be pretty hard to find on Amazon’s site. Here is the page with descriptions and links to all the goodies included with your Prime membership.


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