Gillian Hills’ chart topping the French pop classic “Zou Bisou Bisou” tops more than a million individual videos on Tik Tok.


Virtually unknown to the public outside of Francethe recording was included in the music used for the 2012 season of the hit television series, Mad Men. From there his popularity grew and at the same time Madonna and Latin pop star Camila Cabello have since used it on ICT Tac this year by sending it viral.

His TOP 5 status ICT Tac The artist comes after a remarkable career guided by Hills’ progressive vision of art, music, theater and international culture. At fifteen, she starred in the controversial teen drama ‘Beat Girl,’ with some industry insiders calling her the next Brigitte Bardot. After starring in iconic films like Antonioni Explode, by Stanley Kubrick A clockwork orange she will live later in New York moving his work towards graphic illustration.

Throughout her life, Hills has progressed through her continual need to explore her artistic dreams. She returned to the recording studio in earnest in 2013, which resulted in Lili her critically acclaimed album, she was the first Ye-Ye French pop star of the 1960s. Flux Lily here: ALBUM GILLIAN HILLS: LILI

While making the album, the recordings she made as a teenager in France resurfaced in two landmark television series, the aforementioned “Zou Bisou Bisou” in Mad Men and in 2020, “Tut Tut Tut Tut” in the Emmy Award-winning Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit.

To coincide with the release of Lily, Hills released their own four-part podcast titled: Gillian Hills– A life in art, cinema and music. The extensive audio documentary features intimate and revealing interviews between Hills and film critic and broadcaster, Anna Smith. GILLIAN HILLS PODCAST: A LIFE IN ART, FILM AND MUSIC Hills also appeared on a lengthy podcast that chronicled her work with the late director Stanley Kubrick. KUBRICK’S UNIVERSE

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