Guardians of the Galaxy Game’s OST and Star-Lord band combine on vinyl


The Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy killer soundtrack, including ’80s fictional rock band Star-Lord, is coming to vinyl in the near future.

The soundtrack of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – plus the fictional ’80s rock band Star-Lord – will be released on vinyl soon. Eidos-Montreal’s sci-fi superhero adventure seems to successfully capture the essence of Marvel’s intergalactic misfits, including the franchise’s love for killer soundtracks. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy features an 80s soundtrack, allowing players to let off steam as they battle hordes of enemy aliens.

Like the live-action version of Marvel’s Outer Space Outlaws, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy weaves music into the heart of the experience. A playlist of bombastic rock hymns is one of protagonist Star-Lord’s few earthly relics, and he cherishes those tunes closely. By exploring Peter Quill’s spaceship, the Milano, players can choose which songs to play at any given time. Songs even play a big part in combat, as the Huddle System allows Quill to give his allies a mid-fight pep talk while blowing up one of the game’s many different tracks. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Also features Star-Lord, a fictional ’80s rock band whose quirky anthems and theatrical flair inspired Peter Quill’s superhero moniker.


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To celebrate the musical flair of the game Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy announced, via Twitter, an upcoming vinyl release available via Mondo. The double vinyl will feature the cosmic epic soundtrack, composed by Richard Jacques, which adds gravity and intensity to the game’s emotional narrative. The fictional rock band Star-Lord and their hard-hitting album “Space Rider” will make up the other half of the massive music release. The Imaginary Group was created by Eidos-Montreal’s Senior Audio Director Steve Szczepkowski, and now fans can take the cosmic creation home on classic medium.

Alongside the Richard Jacques soundtrack and Steve Szczepkowski’s transformation into a Star-Lord group, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy features a collection of well-known staples from the ’80s. The talent that the game’s soundtrack brings to the table includes KISS, Mötley Crüe, Pat Benatar and Billy Idol. These musicians help establish Peter Quill’s connection to Earth and serve as a way to remember his late mother. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Also features Rick Astley, as the star’s first single in 1987 “I will never abandon you.” The memetic hit has found clever use in game marketing, as a recent video shows streamers are “rickrollé” when they fail to properly motivate the Guardians team.

Stay loyal to Marvel’s team of cosmic misfits, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy places a strong emphasis on music throughout the space adventure. From the explosive score of Richard Jacques to the unstoppable riffs of the band Star-Lord, the game constantly offers players new melodies to discover. By releasing these compositions on vinyl, Eidos-Montreal is able to pay homage to an older musical medium while sharing the astonishing melodies of the game. With both an atmospheric score and loud rock anthems, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will bring a range of genres to vinyl.

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Sources: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy / Twitter, Mondo

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