Guns ‘N Roses brings Carrie Underwood on stage to perform THESE classic hits


Carrie Underwood is over the moon after performing with Guns ‘N Roses again on Friday night, and they did the exact same thing the following show; what songs did they perform?

According people magazinethe legendary rock band had a show scheduled at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, UK where they brought in the country legend as a special guest.

Underwood took his official Instagram account to share her feelings about her surprise appearance and post a series of photos from the show.

“Never in a million years would I have thought of spending not one but TWO nights of my life on stage with @gunsnroses ! Thank you, once again, to the band and the crew and, of course, the fantastic crowd! The energy was [lightining bolt emoji]!!! Until next time…” she wrote.

The former “American Idol” contestant was introduced on stage by frontman Axl Rose to sing the band’s iconic “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”

The two music groups then collaborated to entertain 70,000 audience members.

“Ladies and gentlemen, from Nashville, Tennessee, Mrs. Carrie Underwood! the singer proudly presented.

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After their first performance, Underwood returned to the stage later that evening to close the show with the song “Paradise City”.

The Friday and Saturday gigs might be familiar to fans as it wasn’t Underwood’s first time performing with the band.

According to the outlet, the country singer surprised her fans by having Axl Rose come to her Stagecoach Festival in California to perform the songs mentioned above.


After a successful performance over the weekend, it looks like the band will be taking a short break following the cancellation of their scheduled gig at Glasgow Green.

According BBC Newsthe band will not go through with their gig in Scotland due to “illness and medical advice”.

“Unfortunately, due to illness and medical advice, GNR will not be able to perform in Glasgow tomorrow. We are working on postponement options for this show, so please hold on to your tickets,” the promoter said. event in a press release.

As of this writing, the group hasn’t revealed which member is suffering from an “illness.” They also didn’t say if any other shows would be canceled in the following weeks.

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