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Slash, aka Saul Hudson, is the British-American musician born in Stoke-on-Trent, England, and raised a few blocks from Hollywood Boulevard. Today he is best known for being the lead guitarist of Guns N Roses (GNR). He joined the band in 2016 and has been touring with them ever since. At the same time, he produces his own music, 4 being his last album. He recently promoted the record, but shockingly revealed the one GNR track that leaves him cringing, despite his worldwide success.

Most bands end up being cursed to play one or two of their greatest hits for years or even decades. For GNR, there are many popular tracks to choose from. Paradise City, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door and Welcome to the Jungle are all radio regulars.

However, their most popular song by far is Sweet Child O’ Mine. Appearing on the band’s debut album, Appetite for Destruction, the track was released in June 1988 and topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming the band’s only number one single.

It was even re-released in 1989 and peaked at number six on the UK Singles Chart and now regularly finds a place on the top charts of Guitar World, Blender, Rolling Stone and beyond.

It’s safe to say he’s adored with Appetite for Destruction which sells around 30 million copies worldwide. However, Slash himself doesn’t like it, admitting it’s something he doesn’t like to hear.

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In a recent interview on Absolute Radio Classic Rock, he said it’s always a “cringe moment” when he hears the perpetual hit on the radio.

He said, “It’s always exciting to hear [your music] on the radio. You know, it’s something that never gets old… If you’re in a bar or some other public place, and all of a sudden your gear turns on, it stops you dead in your tracks because for a second you’re like, ‘Oh my God, that sounds familiar!’ And then you realize it’s you.

He added, “So in those cases it depends on the song and the band and all that kind of stuff. Because if I walk into a place and Sweet Child O’ Mine comes in, that’s a moment to cringe. Like, very embarrassing.

Slash said, “Around 13, 14, 15, I was making these fake IDs. Before, you could get away with a pencil and I was pretty good at it. So we entered The Whiskey and The Roxy and The Starwood. The Rainbow was the hardest because you really had to… you think you have steel balls when you’re 15 and you can just walk and it’ll work like everywhere else.

He continued: “[The Rainbow] there was this guy named Steady at the door and he was a hardcore Italian bouncer type…he wouldn’t let me in so I was just crushed. So, I came home and put on a bunch of makeup and my mom’s clothes. I was really drunk, you have to understand that. Went back and it was ladies night. So I came back and walked in.
“All this dark cloud of reality descended on me and I felt the most vulnerable I’ve ever felt. Still to this day, I’ve never felt like this and had to leave and walk down Sunset Boulevard in a robe, going back to my car…it was awful.


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