Half Alive arrives at Newport Music Hall on “Give Me Your Shoulders, Pt. 1” tour


The Long Beach, Calif.-based trio Half Alive will perform at Newport Music Hall on Monday at 7 p.m. Credit: Courtesy of Grant Spanier

Trio based in Long Beach, California half alive will be making a stop in Columbus along the first leg of a tour to promote their new album.

The trio will play at the Newport Music Hall Monday at 7 p.m., according to PromoWest websiteand go present songs from their new album, “Give me your shoulders, Pt. 1.” J Tyler Johnson, the band’s bassist, said lead singer Josh Taylor and drummer Brett Kramer met in 2016 while working on a joint project, and he joined a year later, completing the musical trio.

“They did a few songs, released an EP, and then I joined the picture after that,” Johnson said. “So, the magic. That was it.”

Although the band’s musical style has been described as a variety of different genres, including indie pop, pop, alternative rock, dance-pop, electronic rock and electropop, Taylor said the sound of the group could take many different forms.

“I think our sound is pretty eclectic, so it’s hard to describe it in one way,” Taylor said. “I would say it’s very funky and clever.”

The band’s new album differs from their debut studio album, “Now, Not Yet,” and Taylor said it might even be perceived as a bit darker. Although the band are often associated with the funky sounds of their debut album, Taylor said they decided to explore something entirely new on “Give me your shoulders, Pt. 1.”

“This album is different because with our first EP we were new to what we wanted to explore,” Taylor said. “We had a lot of time to explore different genres and sounds, but this time we took that journey a bit further and figured out a bit of what we didn’t want and pursued what we wanted a bit more.”

Taylor said the band’s energetic strength had increased exponentially from previous tours, and the new set offered something even more alive than before, with crowd surfing and other “magical moments” to wait for the show.

“There is always something that is expected of a Demi Live performance, there’s always dancing, there’s always a solid foundation of music and lights,” Taylor said. “But I think there’s a new level of energy where we’re breaking the fourth wall a lot more than on previous tours. We’re doing a lot more audience engagement.

Every city reacts to songs differently, and Johnson said certain songs can be crowd favorites in one city while other songs capture the attention of the next location.

“As we were shooting and playing these songs, every city seemed to revolve around a certain sound or wave of response to the music, which was really exciting to see,” Johnson said. “The ‘Background’ was a lot of fun for us in terms of energy. This one really wakes the crowd up and makes them so ready to move and dance and go wild, which is what we want.

Following the leg of their North American tour, which ends March 30, the band will tour the UK and Europe in April and May, according to their website. Although the band will be touring the world over the next few months, Kramer said he’s looking forward to meeting fans in Columbus and connecting with them through music.

“Touring usually gives us some really cool one-on-one time with our fans,” Kramer said. “We are really excited to come and play in Newport, and we love our fans there and are really excited to meet them and connect with them.”

Tickets start at $25 and can be purchased from Newport Music Hall website. Masks will not be mandatory but strongly encouraged, and proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test up to 72 hours before will be required for Entrance.


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