Happy to see you again! Return Symphony with Young People’s Concert


LIMA – Anticipation was palpable as the lights went out in the Crouse performance hall on Tuesday morning as members of the Lima Symphony Orchestra filled the stage.

The noise increased among the audience of Young People’s Concert – mostly made up of children – as Sarah, the main character of “M is for Music”, walked the aisle while carrying a nervous flashlight.

Laughter quickly became the order of the day, as actress Mary Jane Pories (left) traded pleasantries with conductor Andrew Crust.

“So where were we?” the maestro began as Sarah, the girl with minimal understanding of classical music, walked over to a giant book titled “M is for Music”.

She quickly turned to Crust and said, “Show me what you got!” At that point, the symphony soared into Rossini’s theme “William Tell Overture”, also known as “The Lone Ranger”. It was Sarah’s signal to imitate riding a horse, to the children’s delight.

Dancing to “Baby Shark” also made people laugh.

As written by Canadian filmmaker Shauna Johannesen – with additional music courtesy of James Danderfer – the production was the first of a pair on Tuesday.

For his part, Crust described the matter as “overwhelming” in a positive way.

“The LSO has more educational offerings than most orchestras our size. We consider this to be one of the most important functions of our symphony – not only for finding future ticket buyers – but for exposing children to the beauty and expressiveness of classical music, ”said Crust. .

In addition, he said, “the orchestra sounds better than ever.”

Previously, Executive Director Elizabeth Brown-Ellis was among those observing and assisting clients entering the auditorium.

Kim Shanahan, executive assistant for LSO, said via email that the last concert was a crucial step towards normalcy for the community. The Lima Symphony Orchestra has presented concerts for young people every year for more than a quarter of a century.

“There is nothing quite like live music in person,” said Shanahan, referring to the “energy” of the performers reflected in the faces of an engaged crowd. “The excitement in the concert hall was electric.”

Lima Symphony Orchestra conductor Andrew Crust stands in the foreground at the start of the youth concert “M is for Music” Tuesday morning at the Veterans Memorial Civic Center.

Musicians from the Lima Symphony Orchestra are preparing for “M is for Music”, the youth concert that took place on Tuesday.

Return Symphony with Young People’s Concert

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