Hoobastank, Marcy Playground, Tyler Farr


The Fayetteville Dogwood Festival musical acts, returning for the first time since 2019, were announced on Wednesday.

This year’s festival, which runs from April 21 to April 24, will feature five national artists, as well as a Prince tribute band and several well-known local bands.

Rock bands Marcy Playground and Hoobastank will perform on April 22, and country bands Tyler Farr, Kameron Marlowe and Dillon Carmichael will perform on April 23.

Closing the festival on April 24 will be Purple Madness – A Tribute to Prince.

Check out the greatest hits from the five national bands, plus a live performance from Purple Madness.

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The rock band Hoobastank, which formed in the mid-1990s in California, is known for its powerful 2004 ballad “The Reason.”

Marcy’s Playground

Marcy Playground is an alternative rock band from Minneapolis that formed in 1994. The band is known for its 1997 post-grunge hit “Sex and Candy.”

Tyler Farr

Tyler Farr, a country music singer and songwriter who released his debut single in 2012, is known for his breakthrough 2013 hit “Redneck Crazy.”

Kameron Marlowe

Kameron Marlowe is a country music singer and songwriter from Kannapolis, North Carolina, who participated in “The Voice” in 2018. His biggest hit, “Giving You Up”, was released in 2019.

Dillon Carmichael

Country music singer Dillon Carmichael’s hit “I Do For You” was released in 2019.

purple madness

The Purple Madness is a five-piece Prince of Atlanta tribute band with frontman Bobby Miller.


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