How to Tell if You and Your Band Are “Record Deal Ready”


Experienced and well-versed musician Carla Marlowe explains how to know when it’s time to introduce yourself or your band to a record company. Do you think you are ready? Keep reading to find out.

by Carla Malrowe by Bandzoogle

BZ Blog - Is Your Band Recording Deal ReadyEvery moment is a good it’s time to pitch your band to a record company, but anytime is not the best time. To increase your chances of landing a deal with a record label, your band must have achieved a certain level of success. So… what are record labels looking for these days? I promise you it’s not just a hint of ‘potential’.

For a medium to large sized record label to find your band appealing, you need two things: talent, and proof of it… In other words: a killer song and a decent fan base. Easy, right? Not exactly.

So how do you know if your band is ready to send out the big pitch? Here is a checklist of everything you need to have in place before contacting record labels.

No. 1: A ton of material

It’s obvious. Even though record companies often only ask you to send them one song, what they mean is that you should send your ‘better song, ‘ not your ‘only song.’ You should have a good archive of easily written and recorded songs, even if they’re not professionally recorded.

Need help writing songs or finding your groove? There are many blog posts here to guide you in writing amazing songs. Try writing lyrics for beginners or 5 ways to write a great song for inspiration.

#2: Something You Could Call “A Music Career”

Whereas back then a single good song might have sufficed, in today’s times your music alone won’t serve you much if you haven’t yet immersed yourself in the music industry as a published and experienced producer. interpreter.

To show a label that you are building a career in music:

  • You must have released some music
  • You must perform in front of a live audience
  • You need a strong online presence

Yes, you have to be on the proverbial “map”.

These factors fuel your ultimate goal: to build a large fan base. As mentioned before, your fanbase serves as proof to the record labels that there is real talent out there brewing.

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#3: A Cacophony of Online Buzz

Record labels are looking at your online presence. They watch your social followers and how they interact with your content, so to grow your followers and get them to engage, you need great content.

Without a variety of quality content, your social media won’t grow, so stop looking at articles titled “10 Great Social Media Hacks” and instead make sure you have a library of quality content ready. to be distributed that will resonate with your fans.

You must share:

Links to your songs on streaming platforms

Record labels also look at the number of streams and the more links you share to your songs, the more streams you will get. Your music should be available on multiple platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal, Primephonic – the list goes on. To give your fans the best chance of locating and listening, create a Smartlinks page with all of your streaming links.

Music Videos

Video is the most popular content medium on the Internet. It is by far preferred to any other form of media. So, if you have a music video, it should go out with a fierce amount of shares and a decent ad budget. If you haven’t already, consider producing a video of your own and use it to engage your fans.

Live performance content

Sharing a preview of your live performance is a powerful tool (if your live performance is brilliant, of course). This should attract people and create a buzz online. The more people you have attending your shows, the more fan-generated posts you will have that will also be swimming around the internet.

Album reviews and interviews

Having music journalists write about your music puts you in the spotlight. If such articles don’t make it to the label’s eyes, it will at least increase your streams, views, and followings. No effort in this regard is ever without reward, so start building momentum for your music with PR to get your band’s name out there.

N°4: A professional press kit

Nothing proves you’re professional and serious about your success like an electronic press kit or EPK. A press kit is mainly required when you want to work with radio stations, magazines, etc., but passing your file to the label will certainly earn you points and make it easier for them to see who you are and what you have achieved. in one look. .

You need an up-to-date and interesting biography, a complete discography, high-quality professional photos, excerpts from press articles, album reviews and interviews, and above all, links to your streaming platforms, websites and social media pages.

No. 5: A record label that’s right for you

Have you done your research? You should invest time in researching record companies that support your specific genre. Find out what they stand for and listen to their portfolios. Do they talk for you as a group? Do their artists make music similar to what you’re about to feature?

Try to pick five labels that you think are right for you. Approach these labels based on the process they prefer – they will usually state their preferred process very clearly on their websites. Remember to keep your presentations short, personalized and professional.

So how many items can you check off the checklist? Are you “ready for a record deal” for rock and roll?


Carla Malrowe is a passionate alternative songwriter and singer from South Africa, currently residing in the Netherlands. Discover his electro-industrial project, Psycoco’s single “Stay Awake”. Malrowe’s music is a haunting juxtaposition of electronic and analog sounds with lyrics that explore a post-apocalyptic conflict between love and loss. His solo EP, “The Petals and Sand”, is due out later this year.


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