How Wet Leg’s song Chaise Longue went viral


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Wet Leg is run by two women in their twenties: Rhian Teasdale (seated) and Hester Chambers.Credit:

Working from a home office, I am aware of the almost constant singing of my two young daughters in their playroom. One day last year, through my closed door, I suddenly recognized what they were chanting over and over:On the lounger, on the lounger, on the lounger, all day on the lounger.” And that’s when I knew wet leg had done it.

For those who don’t know, it’s an English group that went viral in 2021 with lounge chair, a bizarre track of lanky post-punk with absurd and addictive lyrics. It took me back to the first time I heard Lobster by the B-52s in 1979. My first thought: “What the hell is that?”

My second thought: “I need to hear it again immediately.”


Wet Leg is led by two women in their late twenties: vocalist/guitarist Rhian Teasdale and guitarist/backing vocalist Hester Chambers. They grew up on the Isle of Wight and say they decided to form a band while sitting on top of a Ferris wheel – and while that’s not true, it should be.

The video for lounge chair finds them on a farm, dressed like they’ve just come out of the pages of Little woman: Teasdale stares impassively into the camera lens, making lyrical references to the 2004 film mean girlswhile Chambers hides behind a giant straw hat and dances like a whirling dervish.

They’ll be touring Australia in July, and their self-titled debut album – due out April 8 and recorded before they’ve even played a gig – is such a wild mix of millennial boredom and giddy exuberance that some cynics wonder if they can last longer than 15 minutes. But while the clock is ticking, you’ll find me and my girls dancing like no one’s watching and spouting non-sequences with abandon.


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