Indira Gandhi’s Letter to “Working Since Marriage”: 2021’s Most Popular Social Media Stories


As 2021 draws to a close, The Indian Express looks back on the most read social media stories of the year. From Indira Gandhi’s letter to JRD Tata, a Chinese mother acknowledging her son’s wife as her long-lost daughter, the groom “working from marriage” to the 14-foot-long King Cobra “standing” at the time. of a rescue operation, versatile content had amused Internet users.

Letter from Indira Gandhi to JRD Tata

“Pure class”: Indira Gandhi’s letter to Tata made the rounds on social networks

A copy of a written letter from ex-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to industrialist JRD Tata, dated July 5, 1973, was shared by industrialist Harsh Goenka on Twitter. It took internet users a trip down memory lane.

Mother finds out son’s wife is her long-lost daughter on wedding day

Mother finds daughter, her son's fiancée, error comedy, marriage, China, viral on social media, Indian express Mother finds out son’s bride-to-be is her long-lost daughter

An elderly woman from Suzhou, in China’s coastal Jiangsu province, spotted the birthmark on her son’s bride. She acknowledged that her son’s wife is her long lost daughter and Internet users have called it a comedy of errors.

Monolith appears in Ahmedabad park, after appearances around the world

monolith, monolith in Ahmedabad park, monolith across the world, social media viral, Indian express The monolith was found at Symphony Forest Park surrounded by an urban mesh

After “monoliths” were spotted across the world, the first such metal sculpture in India was reported in a park in Ahmedabad. The structure was spotted in the Thaltej Symphony Forest Park, surrounded by various urban development projects.

The groom “has been working since the marriage”

groom works since marriage, works from home, works during marriage, Maharashtra, viral on social media, Indian express The scene of a recent Marathi marriage has left internet users divided online.
(jayraj_photo_phactory / Instagram)

In a clip shared by a popular wedding-related Instagram page, the groom was seen sitting at the mandap with the device in his lap. While he was working on his laptop, the guests and the pundit were seen waiting for him to start the ritual. But what is really left netizens were laughing was the bride’s reaction.

Apple’s “fumble” ad features Anglo-Indian tabla music

Apple, Apple iphone 12, fumble ad, viral on social media, indian express ‘Fumble’ ad features woman accidentally dropping her phone on the floor

Entitled “Fumble”, the 38 second announcement posted on Apple’s YouTube channel featured a woman who accidentally dropped her phone on the floor. It included the song “The Conference” by musician Nitin Sawhney.

Woman cries outside wedding venue as her lover marries

woman waiting outside lover's wedding, love marriage, live together, Madhya Pradesh, viral social media, indian express Eventually, police attended and removed her from the scene.

The woman, from Kanpur, claimed the lover had promised never to marry anyone else and that they had been living together for three years. In the video captured in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, the we can see a woman shouting “Babu … Babu” desperately trying to get a chance to talk to her lover and end her marriage.

“Manike Mage Hithe”: a Sri Lankan song conquers Indian hearts

Manike Mage Hithe, Sri Lankan song, Indian celebrities, Sinhala song, viral on social media, Indian express Sinhala song has inspired many Indian artists to perform numerous covers

Sung by Yohani and Satheeshan, the song topped the country’s music charts, even Bollywood stars clung to it. From countless covers in regional languages ​​to dance videos, Sri Lankan song has taken the internet by storm.

Doctors discover AirPods in man’s body

man swallows earphone, esophageal airpod, body airpod, USA, social media viral, Indian express The man said the gadget recovered from inside his body was still working (Source: Facebook)

A man experiencing discomfort while swallowing was shocked when he discovered the reason – a AirPods stuck in his esophagus. It turned out that the man from Worcester, Massachusetts, USA accidentally swallowed the earpiece while sleeping.

The “man’s proposal has gone badly”

Proposal, man proposes, woman runs away, United States, viral on social media, Indian express The man’s proposal goes wrong, the woman runs away

Things did not go as planned for a man in the United States as he knelt down to propose to the woman he loved. After deciding to ask the question in a crowded stadium, the a woman was seen sprinting after refusing it.

King cobra ‘standing’ during rescue goes viral

King Cobra, Standing Cobra, Snake Video, Karnataka, Belthangady, Social Media Viral, Indian Express Fortunately, the man was not attacked but only hinted at by the King Cobra

A 14-foot-long king cobra has been spotted in the bathroom of a Karnataka house in Belthangady. The video capturing the close to a snake rescuer had with a king cobra has freaked people out online.


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