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MINOT, ND (KMOT) – Governor Doug Burgum has announced that Merton Utgaard, the founder of International Music Camp, will be this year’s recipient of North Dakota’s highest civilian honor. He became a member of Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Hall of Fame.

“We have seen firsthand the impact that his selfless dedication and the dedication of his wife and children to this camp, to this vision and to this mission, has had on the people of North Dakota, but also, the people of the world,” said Tim Baumann, camp director.

Since the camp began in 1956, more than 141,000 alumni from around the world have been part of IMC. This year, they expect 2,000 more. Half of the campers are returnees.

“One of the main reasons people keep coming back to IMC is that they find out they are people. They find people who are equally enthusiastic about the orchestra or the musical theatre,” says Christine Baumann, camp director.

The International Music Camp began as a program for musicians only, but now encompasses all of the arts.

“In 1956 we started with just bands and batons, but now we have over 40 fine arts programs to choose from, so we’re really more of a fine arts camp than just a music camp. “, explains Christine Baumann. .

Arnikka Schreier is a member of the group who spent several summers at IMC. She says it helped her become the musician she is today.

“I was an awkward clarinet player in middle school when I got in, and now I’m a public school teacher in Minot,” Schreier says.

Scholarships are available from IMC for students in need of financial assistance. Schreier recommends campers ask for help because she says, “It’s worth it. It’s a very good experience.

Registration for the 2023 International Music Camp is now open. Prior to May 1, the cost of camp is $600. After this date, the price increases to $615.


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