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Bang Tang Sonyeondan (BTS), the Korean pop group (K-pop), has soared to the top of the music charts by selling millions, breaking its own records in the Western music industry. The incredible journey of seven young men captivating their beloved fans around the world, also known as the “Armys”, has become a global sensation.

Launched in South Korea in 2013 under their Big Hit Entertainment company now known as Hybe Labels, BTS reached the peak of their career. Selling stadiums was their ultimate goal and they achieved more than they dreamed of. “Never give up on a dream you’ve been chasing almost your entire life,” Park Jimin said.

Their concerts were postponed and then canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, until October 10, 2020, they treated “Armys” with their ON:E online concert.

After two years without being able to see their fans, BTS held their first in-person concert in December titled Permission to Dance On Stage. Sell ​​Sofi Stadium in Inglewood, California for four nights.

“Armys” around the world were excited to finally see their favorite band in person, after a successful four-night event, BTS returned home to work on new music.

BTS would then return to the United States, it brought so many “Armies” excited to know that they would be returning to perform live at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas NV. Las Vegas has organized many activities for the “Armies” to enjoy while visiting the city that never sleeps. The BTS exhibition, BTS pop-up store, photo booths and themed rooms at BTS hotels were some of the many exclusive events that fans could enjoy.

Priscilla Zendejas, a longtime BTS fan who arrived in Las Vegas on April 8, which was the first day of the concert, also took the time to visit some of these exclusive fan-filled activities. “I went to the exhibit, it was really cool, lots of photos, behind the scenes, videos of them getting ready I think for the shows in Los Angeles, it was really interesting…they practice so much hard all the time, I liked it,” said Zendejas.

“Armies” also had the time of its life to be able to take pictures with props from the music videos. The wait didn’t seem too long, the line moved quickly, walking out of the photo gallery was a pop-up store where merchandise was sold. “Oh, it was really fun…like you were there and the vibes were really fun…everyone was just taking pictures, you know, it was super colorful, super bright…I liked it very much,” Zendejas said of his experience in the BTS photo space.

The band’s live performance of their song “Black Swan” was a standout moment for Zendejas.” [They] used their dancers because they had a lot of dancers imitating a swan’s wings and that’s my favorite song. I think it’s super artistic because they talk about the death of a singer. I guess saying a singer doesn’t die once, he dies twice. I think Black Swan is one of the best performances, dancing, everything,” Zendejas said.

Permission to dance on stage was a taste of what was to come. The fourth and final night at Allegiant Stadium shocked BTS fans with the announcement of a new album. Many fans are anticipating a potential tour in 2023 and beyond.


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