Kuf Knotz and Christine Elise reflect on second album


ELISE: So I went there and I was like, “Yeah, I saw you play and I think you’re amazing. If you ever need a harpist, let me know.

KNOTZ: Am I like a harpist? I definitely saw it, like on TV, like orchestras and everything. I wonder what that would look like. And I’m like, okay, let me send her some music I’m working on and listen to what she does with it. And then she fired it and I was like, wow.

What was the first song you did together?

KNOTZ: So it was originally an improvisation. We just played it live once and it went really well. And then we went to the studio and recorded it. It is called “Open Heart”.

Now Christine, going from music therapist to singing, to playing, have you always wanted to do that? Or was it just that when you met Kuf, you thought, maybe we’ll give it a try?

ELISE: Yeah, I never thought I was going to be an artist. At the time, I just took a limb and said, “Hey!” And then from there it all fell apart.

You are really very good. Now you just released an album [pronounced like] “Community” is actually written “kəˈmyo ͞ onədē”. Good then ! Try to search for this on Spotify. What were you trying to accomplish with this album? Because there is also a lot of lyrics in it.

KNOTZ: Yeah. So our first album, which was called “Higher Grounds”, we didn’t release it on digital media, but at concerts. This one was more fun and free to move around, and a lot of the inspiration came from the live performance, because you learn which songs make people move and which songs people go to the bathroom for, you know. ?


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