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As the pandemic wanes, we are moving, going out, connecting and mingling with others because hope is in the air. We are full of them. So, I decided to go out on the town, to downtown Felton.

A little bit of history

In the 90s, I moved to the San Lorenzo Valley from Los Angeles, and the Felton Music Hall (FMH) was aka Don Quixote’s International Music Hall. It had a reputation then for attracting good musicians, but in 2017 it was sold to Flynn’s Cabaret & Steakhouse, only to be resold to FMH in 2019. Now we all know what happened soon after that year -the.

With the fires and Covid-19, the restaurant and entertainment industries have been hit hard and, like many other businesses, have had to pivot and persist.

Luckily for us, FMH persisted. Throughout history, music has transcended all of life’s obstacles, giving musicians plenty of lyrics to write about themselves in their music.

Andy and Yasmine

I decided that FMH was the next buzz-about-town. We need the basics of life, but through food, music, art, and entertainment, we can enrich our minds and do what I believe is one of the keys to a happy life: enjoy.

I signed up for their first show at 6pm, booking the same day for $34. It was worth every penny. The people sitting on both sides of me loved the two musicians, Andy McKee and Yasmin Williams. “You’re in for a treat,” they told me enthusiastically.

On their website, FMH states that it “brings an unparalleled live music experience to the Santa Cruz Mountains”.

Music lovers of all genres can see both top local talent and their favorite touring musicians while enjoying fresh artisanal food and drink. Their room is small, but you can order at the bar and the restaurant is open Wednesday to Sunday from 4pm to 9pm. It was a full house.

I sat in the front row, listening to the buzz of guests arriving, and then I heard “Janet.” I was not alone. From my new neighbors on either side of me to old friends in the back, making sure I feasted. Soon the lights went out. I was quickly mesmerized by the acoustics of this room and mesmerized by the way these two talented and gifted guitarists know how to play their instruments.

I left feeling happy, alive and mesmerized by how they transformed the sound of a guitar into a harp, hammer and banjo. Their ability to manipulate the strings drew praise. You could tell the audience loved what he was doing and knew how to engage us. Such connection is what our music halls in our Valley and Santa Cruz County bring to us and around the world.

transcend time

Music transcends time, unifies the diversity of all who listen, and energizes our minds, bodies, and spirits. I wanted to get up and dance during and after the show. Last December, Mike Renwick, a local musician for years, brought his brand of holiday R&B and rock songs to the FMH. For many years, I danced and danced and danced.

FMH will provide us with eclectic, captivating and joyful entertainment. You can go online at or email [email protected] Try the Medium or Spotify apps to follow their posts and playlists.

“Let’s do the things we love,” says FMH. If music is what you love, join them or go anywhere that makes your heart sing, your soul vibrate, and your feet dance.

Janet Janssen is a life coach, trainer and speaker. She works with business owners and their staff for personal development and leadership skills. Contact her at [email protected] or 831-335-0553.


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