Lizzo, Beyoncé’s Summer Hits Make Great Instagram Captions: Our List


Winter has snow. Autumn has pumpkin spice. But summer has a song that defines the season.

Many people will hear a summer song and remember the time and place they were when the tune in their ear was most popular. Generation X might remember “Cry” from Tears for Fears be a hit in the 80s; millennials may remember Diddy jumping in 1997 on Sean Combs and Faith Evans “I’ll miss you”; and for the Gen Z crowd, 2016 (the biggest summer ever) was marked by “A Dance” by Drake.

These hits were the number one songs of the summer, according to Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart rankings taken from Memorial Day to Labor Day each year.

But in 2022, when many memories are captured and posted for the world to see on social media, a summertime song not only rings in the ear, but also lives on our feeds with catchy lyrics that work. also as captions.

Here are the hot weather songs from Lizzo, BeyonceCharlie Puth and more swirling across rooftops, clubs and parties with stunning one-line lyrics perfect for defining your next “look at me, I’m fun and cool” post on Instagram.

“Break My Soul” by Beyoncé

After surprising fans in June with news of an album planned for the end of JulyQueen Bey changed the season’s soundtrack with the project’s premiere single “Break My Soul”. With heart-pounding beats interpolating Robin S.’s “Show Me Love” punctuated by commands from New Orleans legend Bounce Big Freedia, the song didn’t leave the speakers of passing cars or TikTok trends.

“Break My Soul” has motivational mantras to match, sending a message of stress relief and pleasure.

When it is 5:01 p.m. on a Friday after work:

“Working at nine / Then at five / And they get on my nerves / That’s why I can’t sleep at night.”

“Free your anger, free your mind / Free your work, free your time”

After a successful trip to Sephora:

“I have finished finding myself a new foundation.

“As It Was” by Harry Styles

Another first single that transported us to the solstice is that of Harry Styles “As it was,” from his latest album “Harry’s House”. With “Watermelon Sugar”, Styles owned the summer of 2020, though it was mostly spent indoors with COVID-19 stay-at-home orders; this year he returned for his seasonal throne with bubbly synth piano and fast-paced drums.

Harry Styles:A look at the pop icon’s career moments, including the release of “As It Was”

While “As It Was” mostly has soulful lyrics, when placed in the right context, they can work for some exciting photo moments.

When you and your buddies are the life of the party:

“In this world, there are only us.”

When you originally said you would “stay”:

“Answer the phone / Harry, you’re no good alone / Why are you sitting on the floor at home?”

“Harry’s House”:Harry Styles taps into synths, funk and loneliness on dazzling new album

Me Porto Bonito’ by Bad Bunny, Chencho Corleone

Bad Bunny rises to the top of the charts with his latest album ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ and while the album translates into English as ‘a summer without you’, the Puerto Rican rapper makes sure the summer doesn’t go by without its bass- pumping reggaeton music. One song in particular, “Me Porto Bonito”, climbed the Billboard Hot 100 charts, landing in the top 10.

The song is about setting aside multiple lovers in the summer for one’s affection, and then (of course) posting pictures together on social media.

Bad Bunny climbs the charts with hit songs from his "A Verano Sin Ti" album.

When the photos are so beautiful, you have to post them twice:

“If yo fuera tu gato, will undergo a photo los viernes y los lunes”

“If I was your man, I’d post a picture Friday and Monday.”

When the face card never declines:

“Y subo un selfie pa’ que vean lo rica que tú está”

“And I’ll post a selfie so they can see how sexy you are.”

‘Supermodel’ by Måneskin

The Dutch-named Italian band had a hit with their 2017 cover of the Four Seasons’ 1960s hit “Beggin.” The cover only reached the Top 100 charts in 2021, but Måneskin’s newfound visibility has their latest rock hit “Supermodel” make progress.

With a catchy guitar riff paired with vocalist Damiano David’s gravelly vocals, “Supermodel” conveys the nostalgic angst that accompanied early rock music, adding the essential head-swaying requirement for the perfect summer jam.

The song also centers on a character who serves as a muse for today’s fashion trends: “a model from the 90s”.

For a good and generally carefree atmosphere:

“Hey, don’t think about it, hey, let it go!”

When your summer includes visits to art museums:

“When you don’t look, she steals your Basquiat”

About Fucking Time by Lizzo

If you haven’t heard Lizzo’s “About Damn Time,” you probably don’t live on the internet. Shortly after its release in April, the song took over TikTok and Instagram. The star herself has stepped in on social media fun as the likes of Rosie O’Donnell sang the wrong lyrics or as Charlie Puth gave it his own take on the TikTok choreography.

TikToker Jaeden Gomez is credited with creating the viral TikTok dance full of applause and body rolls to the hit song, and Lizzo even took the moves to the big stage, performing part of the routine at the BET Awards.

‘She was my North Star’:Lizzo says listening to Beyoncé helped her through depression

The song is uplifting with its 1970s bass and lyrics of self-admiration and encouragement to “turn the music up” and “bring out the fabulous”.

Posting a new love interest after a breakup:

“I’ve been through a lot, but I’m still flirting”

When you’re ready to party after a COVID reminder:

“Turn the music up, turn the lights out / Feel like it’s gonna be okay… Turn the music up, let’s celebrate (Okay) / Feel like it’s gonna be okay”

“The Left and the Right” by Charlie Puth, Jung Kook

What better way to capture memories than with a song about memories? Charlie Puth and his perfect pitch teamed up with BTS’s Jung Kook for the bubblegum pop song “Left and Right”. Yes, the song is about a breakup, but why not talk about things we love on the internet?

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For the perfect iced coffee tutorial:

“How much longer do I have to drink for the pain?” »

After posting your best photo and going viral with likes:

“You occupy every corner of my mind / Your love stays with me day and night”

Charlie Puth's chewing gum

‘Jimmy Cooks’ by Drake feat. 21 Wild

What’s summer if it’s not accompanied by a Drake anthem? The Toronto-born singer delivered a surprise album in June full of techno and house music to flood the club’s DJ set list. With Jimmy Cooks the final song from his album “Honestly, Nevermind”, Champagne Papi returns to his classic sound with a pun on a sample of 1990s Memphis rap with a guest appearance from 21 Savage.

The song provides perfect anecdotes for Instagram captions, a skill Drake knows he has an aptitude for (see: “Champagne poetry”).

When your phone sends a bedtime reminder during the evening:

“I’m a night owl, it’s a different mode”

When presenting a new TikTok recipe:

“Plus, I’m Cooking Ambition On A Stove”

When it’s your turn to host:

“Gotta throw a party for my days / Pull over, and you know it’s us, the bass that’s jumping”

‘Expect’ by Future, Drake, Tems

Yes, there is another summer hit with Drake, but this one highlights the talent of two other artists: Tems and Future. While “Wait For U” largely samples Nigerian singer Tems’ love song “Higher”, Future and Drake put their signature toxic relationship to it, making it a great song to encapsulate the fleeting love of the couple. ‘summer.

Tems provides the smooth R&B vocals for Future's

Since the song’s release, users on TikTok and Instagram Reels haven’t uploaded the smooth R&B song, using it as a background for “sweet life” vlogs and holiday summaries.

When the persistence method does not work:

“I can hear your tears when they fall on the phone / Get mad ’cause you can’t leave me alone”

When Your Content Doesn’t Go Viral

“I tried to bring out the best in you, I guess I’m not that influential”


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