Long-awaited opening of the music room on the East Central campus



The new edition of East Central Community College in Decatur officially opened as the Thomas W. Carson Band Hall was unveiled to the public Tuesday in a ceremony on campus.

The nearly 11,000 square foot, $3.5 million Music Hall will house the college’s Wall O’ Sound Marching Band practice room, music practice studios, music teaching studios, music, a music library, etc.

“The one thing he always thought the school needed was a new music room to expand the music curriculum,” said Brenda Carson, wife of the late Thomas Carson. “While he was actually working at East Central, he wasn’t able to accomplish that. But it is happening today and we are excited to have the building open to students and anyone who comes in the future.

“I always said there was something in the water here,” said Chas Evans, Chair of ECCC’s Fine Arts Division. “There is something special about this place. I’ve talked to other people who’ve been to East Central and they’re okay. There’s something special here musically just in that area. This caliber of student we have here is very good.

The building was named in memory of the late Carson, who spent 30 years at East Central as a band manager and music teacher.

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