Macon Pops hosts Big Band Remix at the Grand Opera House


Macon Pops co-founders Steve Moretti and Matt Catingub have roots in the big band and are excited to host a show featuring music in the foreground.

MACON, Georgia – The Macon Pops bring a new vision of big band music to the Grand Opera House.

The Big Band Remix Concert will feature selections from two upcoming global releases featuring Macon Pops co-founders Steve Moretti and Matt Catingub.

Big band music is described by many as a jazz-based musical fusion consisting of at least 10 trombones, saxophones, trumpets and rhythm section musicians.

Moretti and Catingub both have musical roots in the big band and are thrilled to host a show featuring the musical style front and center.

“Sinking our teeth into some kind of modern take, which is why this gig is called Big Band Remix, so it takes familiar songs and standards that people are … which brings it to a current sound and to a current approach, ”said Moretti.

The show also serves as a full debut for musical projects involving Moretti and Catingub.

One selection, Then is Now, will feature renowned trumpeter Jens Lindemann. The second release will feature Catingub’s solo recording, From Samoa to Sinatra, in honor of Mavis Rivers, a famous jazz singer and mother of Catingub.

Macon Pops produced parts of this record with Mercer Music at Capricorn and with the Robert McDuffie Center for Strings.

Rivers was born in Samoa and came to the United States in her twenties. She was the first female artist to sign on Frank Sinatra’s Reprise label.

“When I lost my mother in 1992, my heart told me that one day I had to honor her and thank her, not only for the musical gifts she gave me, but also for honoring music. that she loved, and the people who loved her and made her career what it was, and by extension made possible what I was able to accomplish in my life, ”Catingub said.

Catingub has created new arrangements from previous recordings of his mother’s music. During the show, guests can hear Catingub and his mother perform a duet together.

“This will just be a musically epic night of the highest caliber and I’m really excited for our audience to see us really flex our musical muscles,” Moretti said.

The Big Band Remix concert will be the first full musical debut for Moretti and Catingub’s projects, and Moretti says it will be magical performing it for the community.

The Big Band Remix concert will take place at the Grand Opera House on Friday November 12 at 7:30 p.m. You can purchase tickets for the show on the Grand Opera House website.

To follow the Macon Pops, you can visit their Facebook page.

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