Malaysia’s LGBTQ activists and 4Chan’s toxic AI


The vile online abuse turned into accusations that she was responsible for Malaysia’s covid-19 outbreak, death threats, and eventually being arrested and charged with “insulting Islam”. Earlier this year, she fled to Australia to escape a court hearing.

Although Nur Sajat’s story is by far the most publicized, it is just one of many that illustrate how online platforms have become a double-edged sword for Malaysia’s LGBTQ communities.

Despite creating invaluable opportunities for LGBTQ people to connect, communicate, and advocate for their rights, online participation also exposes them to censorship, surveillance, and attack. Read the full story.

—Megan Tatum

The unavoidable

I’ve scoured the internet to find you today’s funniest/important/scariest/fascinating stories about technology.

1 4Chan-trained AI spits out toxic hate speech
Given the material he was trained on, this outcome was hopelessly unavoidable. (Motherboard)
+ AI still sucks at moderating hate speech. (MIT Technology Review)

2 Apple is going to have to change the way it charges iPhones
A new agreement requires all phones sold in the European Union to use USB-C ports by 2024. (The edge)
+ iPhones sold in the UK will not have to comply with the request. (BBC)
+ This is good news for reducing e-waste. (Protocol)

3 A fight is brewing over crypto mining in New York 🗽
And crypto enthusiasts fear that other states will follow suit. (NYT $)
+ How Bitcoin Mining Devastated This New York City. (MIT Technology Review)
+ The crypto industry is happy with its new regulator. (WP $)

4 How the Amazon Rivers Have Made It a Haven of Biodiversity
Create lush microenvironments in which wildlife can thrive. (Quantum)
+ We’re not terrified enough of losing the Amazon. (MIT Technology Review)

5 These YouTubers Are Exposing The Flaws Of The Video Game Industry
And they face a lot of backlash along the way. (WP $)

6 Misinformation runs rampant in Kenya ahead of elections
Including attempts to stir up ethnic tensions. (Rest of the world)

7 Neptune Is A Mystery
And it’s possible it will stay that way well into the 2050s. (Atlantic $)
+ On the other hand, we will have an in-depth look at Venus in 2030. (Reverse)
+ Space debris is a growing problem. (FT $)

8 How a mock juror in the Depp v Heard trial went viral
And contributed to the multitude of cruel anti-Heard content circulating online. (CNN)

9 What the lived experiences of people with schizophrenia can teach us
First-person accounts of delusions help experts understand how they actually work. (Wired $)

10 How TikTok turned Gen Z into bookworms 📖
And gave the publishing industry a vital boost. (The Guardian)

quote of the day

“We can do it without the technology, but why would we? We use technology in a way that does not conflict with our morality.

—Ben, an Amish office manager, explains how his company makes millions of dollars selling products online, reports Wired.

The big story

A non-profit organization has promised to preserve wildlife. Then he made millions claiming he could chop down trees


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