Middle School Band shows off musical chops at a winter concert


The bands from Wareham Middle School performed on January 20 – their first winter gig in two years.

Caitlin Francese, the band’s manager, said the gig was “an amazing night”.

“It’s just amazing to be able to show off the skills these students have acquired in such a short time,” Francese said.

The school has three bands – one for fifth, sixth and seventh grade – each with around 25 student musicians.

Fifth graders entered the year with no group experience, Francese said. Due to the pandemic, the group was an away club for the 2020 to 2021 school year.

“We took our audience on a journey from September, where they started, to where they are now,” Francese explained.

Although the students were able to play together in the music room this year, there have been some changes to ensure it is safe.

“This year we have bell covers and special masks and flute masks, so there’s a lot more going on in the room,” Francese said.

When presented with the items at the start of the year, the students were most concerned that using the equipment would alter the sound of their instruments. Luckily, the hardware allows them to play safely with equally good sound.

“Now that the kids are used to it, it hasn’t become an obstacle,” Francese said.

This year, a sixth-grade student played a drum kit for several songs, including the fifth-grade performance of “Hard Rock Blues,” which Francese described as a “really fun rock tune.”

“I think at every gig, it’s fair to say there’s a balance of nervousness and excitement,” Francese said. This year, the balance tipped a little more towards the nerves, but the more the night progressed, the more the students were confident.

Francese thanked all the families, community members, students, administrators and others for their support of the group.

The event was taped by WCTV and Francese said a spring concert was scheduled for April.


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