More government aid for Iowa’s music scene? Here’s what the head of the SBA says


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DES MOINES, Iowa — For two years, concert hall owners in Iowa have waited for crowds to fill their venues night after night. But customer concerns about COVID-19 variants have alienated some music lovers. Small Business Administration Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman visited xBk, a 250-seat music venue near Drake University in Des Moines.

The site is 136, which the SBA says has received emergency assistance through the Closed Site Operator Grant. Those grants totaled $91.5 million, according to the SBA.

The Omicron variant continued to make some music fans wary of sitting in a crowded music room. Guzman said that to date, Congress has not appropriated another round of COVID-19 aid for concert halls.

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Republican lawmakers in Iowa are considering three different proposals to cut personal income taxes. They are also considering plans to reduce corporate tax rates. The Republican-led House embraced its version of the tax cuts and said lower rates would make Iowa more attractive for people to live and work in. Democrats say the focus should be more on lowering rates for middle- and low-income Iowans, rather than the wealthiest.

Iowa, as in the last century, remains a slow growing state.

Jerry Crawford, longtime Democratic adviser to former presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, and former Republican congressional candidate and state party chairman Mike Mahaffey, want lawmakers to focus on other issues as well. to help Iowa grow.

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Iowa’s premier caucus status is in trouble. It was in previous years. But, maybe, it was never really like that. In 2012, the Iowa Republican Party prematurely declared presidential candidate Mitt Romney the winner of the caucuses, but later determined that Rick Santorum had indeed won. In 2016, the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders fought over who won the Democratic caucuses. Clinton ultimately won, although some Sanders supporters remain unconvinced. In 2020, Democrats could not determine which campaign was initially won, as the party grappled with new technology and unrealistic expectations about when the results might be announced.

Most other states have moved away from a caucus format and are using primaries instead. Iowa leaders have remained committed to the caucuses, but have their work cut out to convince the Democratic National Committee to award the state the privilege of hosting the nation’s first presidential selection contest.

Is it time to change the caucus format or even share responsibility for first in the nation with another state?

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Will Iowa lawmakers block the use of eminent domain for a carbon sequestration pipeline to cross the properties of private landowners?

Is a 2.5% increase in per student funding for state public schools enough for the coming year, when inflation has risen to three times that rate over the past year?

Who is Iowa’s most vulnerable congressman?

Should President Joe Biden campaign in Iowa on behalf of candidates in 2022?

Will the 2024 presidential election feature a Biden and Donald Trum rematch?

What is a prediction for the coming weeks?

Jerry Crawford and Mike Mahaffey sit down for this week’s Insiders Quick 6.

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