Of course, Ted Nugent has a stupid opinion on who belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Ted Nugent doesn’t have much of a chance to make it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame himself, but nonetheless, the far-right musician / political commentator / COVID conspiracy theorist certainly has some ideas about who deserves to be. be inducted.

In a recent interview, Nugent challenged the Hall of Fame’s inclusion of certain pop and hip-hop artists. (Should we be surprised that those he’s crazy about happen to be mostly women or BIPOC artists?)

“What a middle finger the ‘real’ rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm and blues heroes to put in these other people,” Nugent said. “Grandmaster Flash?” Oh good? Why not go to Chuck Berry’s grave and take a piss on it? “

“Why isn’t there a band like Triumph in there, but Grandmaster Flash is?” It’s just dishonest! He continued. “Why are Patti Smith, ABBA and Madonna at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, but not Styx? I hope you are joking?! You can only explain this is that the people who made these decisions are just rotten people! Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Should Kneel Before Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Howlin ‘Wolf, Muddy Waters [and] the Funk Brothers… How dare you put Grandmaster Flash, ABBA and Madonna in there?

Of course, Nugent’s argument that bands like Triumph or Styx are somehow more deserving of a hip-hop pioneer like Grandmaster Flash is insane. And while he didn’t come from a bad place – which, given his history, it’s pretty safe to assume he is – and was just trying to make the case that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be limited to “rock” artists, Patti Smith would certainly still do. (How could anyone seriously claim that a punk icon like Smith isn’t rock?)

As silly as they are, Nugent’s comments highlight a problem with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: it’s time for a name change. The Hall has (rightfully) inducted artists of all genres, not just rock, for decades now, and the name no longer reflects the makeup of the institution. Why not just call it the “Music Hall of Fame”, so that idiots like Nugent no longer have an excuse to complain about the inclusion of pop and rap innovators?


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