Ólafur Arnalds organizes piano covers of “Some Kind Of Peace”


Groundbreaking Icelandic composer and producer Ólafur Arnalds has invited a global roster of friends, collaborators and artists he admires from all musical backgrounds to reinvent his previous album A kind of peacewhich featured Ólafur’s two Grammy-nominated tracks, “The Bottom Line” (featuring Bonobo) and “Loom” (featuring Josin). A Kind of Peace – Piano Reworksreleased October 28, 2022, celebrates each artist’s individual character, sound and interpretation as the essence of every song and spans the modern classical, electronic, jazz and alternative worlds.

“The heart of a song lives in the performer”

Ólafur Arnalds explained: “I have always maintained the idea that a song is never finished. A piece of music can take any form, evolve and breathe with the player. So, for me, the heart of a song is in the performer.

Hania Rani’s rendition of ‘Woven Song’, the first single from A Kind of Peace – Piano Reworks, features her playing the piano and humming hypnotically. Hania noted, “I think you have to decide what you want to bring, what kind of feeling, what kind of atmosphere and what state you want to leave the listener in. I just hummed the melody, like I would. do when I’m alone. In a way, it’s both soothing and fragile.

Covers the classical, electronic, jazz and alternative worlds

Other artists on A Kind of Peace – Piano Reworks include South Korean pianist and composer Yiruma with “We Contain Multitudes”, American pianist and composer Dustin O’Halloran with “Spiral”, British jazz pianist, producer and rapper Alfa Mist with “Zero”, the alter -ego electronic producer Machinedrum tstewart with ‘New Grass’, singer-songwriter, producer and composer JFDR with ‘The Bottom Line’, Berlin pianist, producer and composer Lambert with ‘Back To The Sky’, pianist and Australian composer Sophie Hutchings with ‘Still/Sound’, cinematic pianist and composer Eydís Evensen with ‘Loom’ and multi-genre pianist, composer and producer Magnús Jóhann with ‘Undone’.

Olafur Arnalds’ A Kind of Peace – Piano Reworks will be released on October 28, 2022 and can be pre-ordered here.

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