PAHRUMP MUSIC FESTIVAL: Here are the acts competing in the Battle of the Bands


Several acts will face off from Thursday to Saturday in the Battle of the Bands, part of the Pahrump Music Festival, which will be held in Petrack Park.

“I received many submissions from bands in Southern Nevada and was looking for not only enthusiastic bands, but also up-and-coming bands that are the next breakthrough bands. I narrowed the group down to just groups that wouldn’t disappoint,” said Doug Dubin, event organizer.

Here is an overview of what you can expect:

The FallAparts

(Thursday evening)

The FallAparts are a three-piece band from Las Vegas that formed in 2021. The three band members are Rudy Thomson (drummer, backing vocalist and kazoo legend), Daniel Woodward (bassist, backing vocalist and kazoo legend Nemesis) and Scooter Hyland (vocals, rhythm guitar and lead guitar).

Together they create a unique rock and roll sound. They’re a favorite of the Las Vegas band scene for their original, raw sounds, huge presence (for a three-piece band), boundless performances, and ability to write songs that relate to music. backbone of America’s working class. .

“[Our goal] is the same goal we always have. Whether it’s playing music for five or 500 people, we just want to leave a mark and make an impression,” said lead vocalist Scooter Hyland.

Donkey Island Penitentiary

(Thursday evening)

Donkey Island Penitentiary formed in Los Angeles after Big Dave nearly died in a coma. They turned his coma dreams into rock & roll, and played, among other festivals and concerts, the famous Viper Room. Big Dave, Alejandro, Carlos and Eric play harmonica-focused rock, and their new single, “The Experiments”, is featured on YouTube.

“We’re either going to fail the first round or dominate the competition, because no one has ever seen a band quite like Donkey Island Penitentiary,” lead singer Big Dave said.

The Dead Money Band

(Thursday evening)

The group formed about five years ago. Since the band’s formation, Dead Money has played at several local venues in Las Vegas; Tripple B’s, Container Park and Area 15, to name a few.

Alternative soul rock is the best way to describe the sound of their music. Their music can be found on all streaming platforms. “Dead Money – Your Problem” is the title of their debut album, and can be found on Youtube.

“We expect to be at our best, but more importantly, we’ll have an ensemble put together in a way that I’ve never seen before in my years as a musician. I’m excited to share it with everyone,” said Kell T, the band leader.

Intuitive Soul Band

(Friday night)

Intuitive Soul is a neo-soul, R&B and jazz fusion group representing audacity, creativity and diversity. The band consists of Drip Hendrix on bass, Brandon and Armin on keyboards, Lu Lee on lead guitar, their beautiful and talented vocalists, Taylor and Riyah B., and drummer and musical director, Amonte “Drummer” Henry. Each member brings their own unique vibes and flavors, which really makes the band special.

The group came together through a series of divine circumstances. Some existing projects were at a crossroads and MD Amonte said he had an existing band he was looking to rebuild. So they decided to build it together. From the start, it seemed natural to connect as musicians and friends.

Intuitive Soul has performed in small venues across the Las Vegas area, however, they are very proud to participate in the Black History Month Festival in the historic Springs Preserve, which hosted over 2,000 attendees.

“We are honored to be part of the Pahrump Battle of the Bands and plan to wow people with an incredible and unforgettable show,” said Amonte “Drummer” Henry, the band’s musical director.

Last resort

(Friday night)

Frontman Rich Lopez often tips his hat to country rock as well as classics, playing rhythm guitar and providing lead and backup vocals. On lead vocals is Jeff Lowe. If ever there was a voice as loud and clear as Barry Gibb, it’s Jeff Lowe. The quiet beauty of the band is Stacey Lopez – bass guitar and vocals. On keyboards and vocals is Sharon Walling. Sharon winks at the blues and jazz scene on keyboards and vocals. And on drums, Aaron Vermeer. Aaron gets the band moving with his energetic beats.

LasT ResorT is a band of full time RVers and friends at the Las Vegas RV Resort! LasT ResorT plays a musical tribute to rock and roll, from the 50s through the 90s. Check them out Fridays from 5-7 p.m. at the Rustic Lounge, 1817 N. Boulder Highway in Henderson.

King Schascha and the rockers of Sin City

(Friday night)

King Schascha embodies the powerful spirit of Rastafari and Reggae culture. The King of San Diego reggae scene brings its own style and flair to every performance.

The Sin City Rockers are the newest Caribbean band from Las Vegas, bringing you reggae music in its proper form, straight from its roots. The Sin City Rockers are a high energy act and guarantee you will feel great.

*UCoustic2 will also lend their musical talents on Friday evening.


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