PUBG Mobile Holds First-Ever Virtual Concert Featuring K-pop Stars Blackpink


Mobile-based battle royale shooter PUBG-Mobile will host their first-ever virtual concert later this month with hit K-pop girl group Blackpink.

It’s the latest example of a video game expanding into virtual events (which, yes, we could label as part of the “metaverse” if we really wanted to – but we don’t.) compared to rivals as Fortnitewhich has hosted various concerts by Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, PUBG is not exactly known for such activities. But in a press release from publisher Tencent Games, director Vincent Wang said PUBG-Mobile is “expand” his “ever-changing world”. So: do what you want with it.

A number of concerts will take place in-game from July 23-24 and then July 30-31 (these will apparently be geo-locked: see the tweet below for details). Players will be able to grab free tickets in-game starting July 15 and will also need to download a special asset pack in advance to view the concert.

It’s unclear exactly how the concert will be held, but there will likely be special avatars for each member of Blackpink. That would make sense considering Tencent Games says PUBG-Mobileplayers will be able to obtain the “eye-catching outfits” worn by the group starting July 23 and wear them “on the battlefield” until August 31.

The concert is scheduled to coincide with that of Blackpink long-awaited return to the music. The band’s latest album was released in 2020, but they are rumored to have new tracks slated for release in August.

Indeed, Tencent Games indicates that the virtual concert will feature “a special track and a new music video, designed and created specifically for this collaboration”. Watch out for those landing in your area “very soon”.


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