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The influence of 80s music has fluctuated over the past 3 decades, with many audio production techniques developing across many genres.

Among ultra-clear guitar sounds, sparkling vocal reverbs, and inexplicably ubiquitous saxophone solos, there are many authentic classic sounds of the 80s, and the drum production contains most of them: pitch-drop synth toms, boxes to Roland TR rhythms, copious Eventide Harmonizer processing and, of course, the closed trap.

Today’s free sample pack does not retain reverbs, especially the gated type, as well as some (virtual) H910 and chorus-type delays. Four drum kits were assembled into Kontakt and Spark with each type of drum kit (kick, snare, hats, claps, cymbals, toms, and perc) routed to individual channels for separate processing before then-relevant bus processing. (mainly VCA compression and exciters).

External stereo lines were used as plugins in Nuendo to take advantage of the excellent gated reverbs of the Kurzweil K2600r, one spot on gated verb on the Yamaha SPX1000 and another via the TC Electronic Hall Of Fame reverb pedal, which was preceded by the Modfactor Eventide for some stereo choruses too.

The kits were used to create beats and fills (very toms-oriented) on seven tempos as well as a set of hits. A collection of 32 closed snares was also created by sending a selection of snares (80s drum machine types) to six parallel processing groups, each with a different reverb, EQ and compression chain.

What would you like to know

The samples are divided into nine folders: there are seven tempo-labeled loop folders, a folder for closed snares, and a folder that contains the four drum kits from which the aforementioned loops are built.

All samples are provided as WAV files and can therefore be imported directly into your DAW or the sampler of your choice.

Because they are royalty free, you can use the samples in your music however you want – all we ask is not to redistribute them.

These examples are provided in a zip file, so you will need to extract them before you can view them.


Examples of sounds

80s pop drum samples: click to download

80s Pop Drum Samples (78MB)

These samples were originally distributed by Future Music Magazine. Check out the latest issue for more.


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