San Diego County music icon Jason Mraz gets slammed on SNL – NBC 7 San Diego


Local Saturday Night Live viewers got a bit of a surprise over the weekend when host Kieran Culkin took a surprise turn as Jason Mraz

It’s been a minute since the singer-songwriter of coffee hits like “I’m Yours” and “93 Million Miles” hit with a new earworm. In recent years, in fact, Mr. AZ has generally made headlines as Oceanside’s most famous avocado and coffee grower.

Yet when a Culkin wearing a fedora slipped into an interview chair as Mraz on a sketch based on a Dionne Warwick talk show, it was more than a little hard to hear Ego Nwodim as Warwick greeted him on the set:

“Now our next guest,” Warwick / Nwodim said. “This man is no longer famous, he has no more songs. Please welcome Jason Mraz.

“It’s kind of a rough intro, but, yeah, I’m glad to be here,” Mraz / Culkin replied as he settled into his overstuffed chair.

Warwick / Nwodim followed up with a pair of questions about Rihanna and Kanye West.

“I’m sorry, can you ask me about me?” Mraz / Culkin applauds.

From there it only went down for Mraz / Culkin.

Other “guests” interviewed by Nwodim’s Warwick included SNL teammates Pete Davidson and Chloe Fineman, who made appearances as Post Malone and Miley Cyrus; the real Ed Sheeran (this weekend’s musical guest); and Warwick herself, who tweeted that she liked the way she looked.

The real Mraz, a Grammy winner, is no stranger to SNL, appearing as a musical guest in January 2009. And in 2013, Joseph Gordon-Levitt also played Mraz in a skit titled “The sweet show.”Mraz did no better in this performance than he did last weekend.

Still no word on Mraz’s Twitter, who last tweeted on Nov. 5, to find out if he was enjoying his latest post.


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